Startup Alcarelle will produce a substitute for alcohol from Star Trek

Startup Alcarelle will produce a substitute for alcohol from Star Trek


One of the most important future technologies shown in sci-Fi Saga Star Trek — harmless “synthehol”. Despite the fact that the smell and taste is identical to that of regular alcohol, the negative effects on the body he has not. In addition, you can drink it at any time — the effect of intoxication is also almost nonexistent and very quickly. A former adviser to the British government on the fight against drugs David Nutt founded a start Alcarelle that in the coming years will begin to produce similar to’t star trek is a synthetic analogue of alcohol.

Nutt said that in 10-15 years people would still use the usual alcohol only in special cases, because it commonly replaces alcoscent, developed by the startup. The feature of the drink is that it recreates the effect of intoxication, but does not poison the organism, as it includes no all of these harmful fusel oils and other toxic compounds contained in regular drinking.

“Alcohol now kills more people than fever, tuberculosis and meningitis put together, but many people drink alcohol to experience the effects of intoxication,” says Nutt.

To solve the problem he proposes using the synthetic analogue — alcoscent recreate the effect of intoxication, but it will not harm internal organs and won’t cause a hangover.

Now startup Natta busy identifying synthetic substances, which can be the basis AlcoSense, so wait for a new drink in the next few years is not worth it.