Startup Citybirds developed the “slimmest and lightest” electric skateboard

Startup Citybirds developed the “slimmest and lightest” electric skateboard


Recently, the developers visited the exhibition ISPO in Munich, where he presented an electric skateboard of its own production under the name Eagle, which, according to the authors, should emphasize the elegance and lightness of their offspring.

The battery capacity is enough for 15 kilometers, but the duration of the trip can be increased by inserting another battery in a special compartment on the steering rack then the Eagle can travel up to thirty kilometers. Charge of the “eagle” from car cigarette lighter or from the usual outlets.

The scooter is capable of speeds up to 25 miles per hour, to guide you and share with the owner a variety of useful information. In addition, the scooter can report the situations on the road and to predict the weather using the display located on the steering wheel. In addition, it is also possible to duplicate the screen of your smartphone and monitor your calls, incoming messages and other information via Bluetooth.

Brought to the exhibition a prototype was made of plastic, but the series will go scooter, made of carbon fiber. His frame is folded in half, allowing you to easily carry it on your shoulder or in a large bag, so even if the battery of the scooter sits a large burden he clearly will not.

The price of the scooter will be announced later, closer to launch date. To start manufacture it is planned not earlier than next year.