Statement trump’s tweet provoked a storm of criticism

Statement trump’s tweet provoked a storm of criticism


Заявление Трампа в Твиттере вызвало шквал критики

Public organizations in the United States accused the head of the social network in violation of ethical rules

The message of the President of Donald trump, who said on Tuesday evening that he has “much more…the nuclear button”, than North Korean leader Kim Jong UN, caused a flurry of criticisms from legislators and representatives of public organizations.

Commenting on the new year address of Kim Jong UN in which he warned the US use of nuclear weapons, the White house wrote in its official “Twitter”: “Please, someone from his exhausted and starving country, tell him that I, too, have a nuclear button, and it is much larger and more powerful than him, and my button works!”.

In response to the statement of the President of several civic organizations, including the SF and Resist group Color of Change, founded by a former adviser to President Obama, van Jones, has organized the collection of signatures under the petition to the leadership of the company “Twitter” to prohibit the President of the United States to place their applications in this social network.

On Wednesday, activists Resist SF organized a campaign, highlighting the laser of the word “Ban @realDonaldTrump” (Disallow @nastasemarian) on the facade of the building, which houses the headquarters of Twitter. On Wednesday evening there will be protest, which participants are going to accuse the head of the company Jack Dorsey to create “threats to peace” is placed in a network “tweet” US President.

In the opinion of the lawmakers, Democrats, the Congress should expeditiously consider a new bill forbidding the US President to order a nuclear attack against North Korea without the approval of the house of representatives.

“Congress should approve this Monday – the first day of voting in 2018 – a bill restricting the right to trump a pre-emptive nuclear strike without the approval (Congress)”, – wrote in his Twitter member of the Committee on armed services of the house of representatives of Ro Khanna.

Answering questions of journalists, head of the Department of homeland security U.S. Kirsten Nielsen said that “the President speaks on his behalf,” and does not Express the position of the administration when it comes to the threat from Pyongyang.

“I think we should continue, as stated by (President) perceive the threat from North Korea very seriously, she said. – We do everything in our power to prepare for any possible scenario.”

The representative of the company “Twitter”, said us media that the statements of the President do not violate the rules of behavior in social networks, as in the statement of the “nuclear button” is not contained “direct threats”.

However, some of the opponents of the US President already stated that this statement is sufficient cause for dismissal.

“By itself, this “tweet” is sufficient grounds for removal from office under the 25th amendment. This person should not have access to nuclear weapons”, – wrote on his Twitter page the former lawyer of the administration of George W. Bush on ethical issues Richard painter.

The 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows the Vice President and a majority of the members of the Cabinet to declare the President “unable to discharge their duties” by removing him from power. In the history of the United States, this amendment has never been applied.

According to the Congressman-Democrat Jim Hymes, the statement of the head of the White house could lead to a “fatal error” in the assessment of threats from Pyongyang.

“I think that the President regards it as a show of force, – said the legislator on CNN. But anyone who has ever been on the Playground with first graders, knows that those who most aggressively beats his chest, actually is the most weak.”