Stock scams from South Korea will identify the AI

Stock scams from South Korea will identify the AI


The Korean Commission for supervision over the stock markets is going to introduce a new system with artificial intelligence that automatically detect fraud on various grounds. The system is already at the final stage of testing, and in full mode it will work with spring.

After that, artificial intelligence will confer the necessary powers, he will monitor the activity of market participants, pointing to suspicious transactions and the brokers, who improper application. In addition, AI will be able to predict and recognize new, previously unknown methods of fraud, which will also let people.

“With our newest development we can identify fraud at an early stage and to respond quickly to their actions, working in active monitoring of the market”, — said the head of the Commission, Lee Hyung Saint.

After analyzing all the collected data, the system will self-provide their operators, demonstrating the seriousness of a particular threat. After that, the staff of the Commission will be able to make a decision about the necessary interventions.