Striking the imagination

Striking the imagination


Поражая воображение

One hundred and twenty-nine years ago, a major southern California homeowners to raise the sale of real estate in the region, decided to make a flower parade in January saying, you have a Blizzard sweeping, and we have roses blooming in the middle of winter! Since then, the tournament of roses Parade in Pasadena is held every year.

The rose parade for many residents of Los Angeles on the first morning of the new year is a good tradition, familiar to them from childhood. Many of the spectators come here for the day: stock up on sleeping bags, blankets, food, take place on the sidewalk – all in order to be in the front row to see the epic action with their own eyes.

This year the parade was attended by four hundred horses, twenty-one marching band and forty-four mobile platforms. All this magnificence moved eight miles to Colorado Boulevard for three hours. But this view is only the visible part of the celebration, thousands of volunteers worked on the platforms throughout the year.

This year the weather is warm, the flowers open quickly, and this means that soon they will wither, so the decorating was pushed to the last moment.

The main requirement for the floral decoration of the platforms – all the materials used must be natural. Steve for several hours puts glue on the petals of the iris. This is his 35th year of volunteer work in the preparation of the parade. In the past before the parade a week he, like many other decorators, holds here twelve hours a day.

Volunteer Marie says that her and her colleagues for the work are not paid: they give their time and effort because they like it. “It’s more for experience than for money, here you make friends, learn a lot, says Marie, and, in addition, the fruit of your labors you see around the world. It looks very good in summary”.

Every year the creators of the parade are given a theme, which is proposed creatively to implement in creating mobile platforms or, as they call them here, “rafts”. This year the festival theme Make a Difference is that English can be translated as “to influence, to change the world.”

Bessie the sea monster from the Pacific ocean adorns one of the commercial “rafts”, are involved in the parade. It’s designed to support a charitable project, which aims to provide books to children from poor families, and with books to give them a world of imagination. During the nine years of this program in five thousands of UPS stores across the country were collected four million dollars, which was purchased for forty million books.

Chelsea Lee, Director of public relations UPS Store, I’m sure: with books dreams come true. “Reading a book, the child discovers another world, and it develops his imagination and opens the way for him in life,” she says.

Imagination affects every creative created platforms, which drove the first of January on Colorado Boulevard under the admiring cheers of spectators, who could not only see the beauty up close but and smell of blooming flowers in January.