Students need to decide…

Students need to decide…


The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Kuvshinova — about how to prepare high-level specialists

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To solve the problem with youth unemployment, we first have to think about the issue of high-level professionals who have theoretical and practical training. Quality education, trends in self-development, creation of high-tech and high-performance workplaces is the basis for competition among young specialists and employers.

Today the student, then the student must be fully developed. Only then will he be able to meet the modern needs of the labor market. Sure genius in physics or mathematics does not exempt the student from having to study history or literature, and the choice of technical profession does not mean the easing of requirements to the level of Russian language proficiency. Children need to know basic school program and be harmoniously developed. At school must lay the basis, which will allow young people to determine the future profession, but also to compete in the labour market.

Today, schools need to engage in career guidance and in the course of schooling to determine the vector of development based on the interests of the student, his personal guidance and requests for a variety of specialties.

Whether it’s a special class vocational training or teaching in the classroom hours and classroom technology — there are options. Importantly, this knowledge must meet the needs of the time, to be relevant. The lesson of career guidance in school needs to arouse the students ‘ interest in a particular profession. No matter the profession of a lawyer or a locksmith.

As an example, the implementation of the Federal project of the Youth Parliament at the State Duma “Zaсобой”, which aims to help students to choose the profession. Since September, the monthly events are dedicated to the promotion of professions in different industries of national economy. In the format of interactive lectures for students and parents heard information on the current occupations in various areas, as well as about the progress in the field of industry, medicine, agriculture and not only.

Pleased to note the development in our country of the WorldSkills movement and full support of the initiative by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Recently, our team returned from Gothenburg (Sweden), where our young specialists took 1st place in the team standings on points V European Championships EuroSkills 2016. Point standings demonstrates the level of training in all the competencies, which involved country: this metric is the official method of calculation international organization of WorldSkills International along with the medal standings.

The Russian team showed the best result in the championship of the international level, winning five medals on the basic competencies. The team received gold in the “electronics” and “maintenance of refrigeration and ventilation equipment”, confirming its leadership on both competencies. Silver medals returned to his homeland, the Russian contestants, “graphic design” and “mobile robotics” and with the bronze — team at the “network and system administration”. The recognition of the skills of our professionals, it is important not only for them but also for those who are still planning to choose their profession.

However, equally important is the issue of quality education in higher education, and especially the presence of not only theoretical but also practical knowledge and skills. So, in 2016, 500 students graduated in the universities, of which about 75% were able to find a job, and, of course, not always the profile of the diploma. At the time of admission of a student to the University in the labour market relevant one specialty, and at the end, due to market changes, generate a call on specialists in other specialties.

One can perhaps understand and employers who actively employ young people. Here’s the main claim: “the absence of practice, high level of ambition all at once.” In this case a good measure for young people can be training from a potential employer, when really there is a possibility of real practice, gain skills and, as a consequence, high likelihood of employment.

Need close conjunction: the University is the employer, when it comes to senior courses the employer selects a young team, providing them with jobs. It is important to not single the part of the employer in this process, and the joint formation of the forecast of demand for specialists in a particular area for several years (employer — government — University) to the training programme was timely amended.

This requires high quality regulatory framework, the development of which soon will be engaged in the Subcommittee on youth Affairs of the State Duma together with the Federal Youth Parliament.

Education focused on current market requests, and strategic interests of the state in the future, early career guidance, adaptation of the fundamental theoretical foundations to the practice will enable young people to obtain relevant knowledge and to be in demand in the labour market.

The author is Chairman of the Youth Parliament at the state Duma

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