Study: iPhone 7, exported to Russia, slower American

Study: iPhone 7, exported to Russia, slower American


The Apple smartphones of last generation, supplied to Russia and most other countries who report data in the LTE networks with an average and a low level signal is significantly slower than models for some U.S. mobile operators. This has revealed comparative study of two versions of the iPhone 7 with cellular modems from different manufacturers. News.Hi-tech explain how some iPhones are “more equal than others” and how to distinguish a “slow” smartphone “fast”.

Speed data transfer iPhone 7 with a cellular modem chips from Qualcomm and Intel compared the experts website Cellular Insights. The resource, launched in the summer of this year to study the iPhone 7 published only 4 material specializiruetsya on testing the radio component of modern smartphones and new technologies of data transmission, implemented by the operators.

The new iPhone went on sale in September this year, Apple are available in two versions. The most common of them is equipped with a cellular modem is manufactured by Intel with support of networks GSM, WCDMA and LTE, the second modem Qualcomm, additionally able to work in networks CDMA and TD-SCDMA. The network of these standards is in the United States (the operators Verizon and Sprint) and China, but the rest of the world are not common.

During testing experts have measured the data transfer speed two the iPhone 7 Plus with a different modem (Intel and Qualcomm XMM7360 MDM9645M) in various LTE bands. For purity of experiment the device was connected to equipment that simulates the operation of a cellular tower, not to the public network.

As it turned out, at signal levels close to the maximum (in the chart shown on the left), the speed of data transmission supported by different chips is no different. However, with the gradual weakening of the signal (up to -95, -100, -110 dB, and more) the speed of mobile modem Intel (blue line) falls earlier and faster than the smartphone with the Qualcomm chip. While a similar pattern was observed in all three tested LTE bands.

This means that when used in a real network the iPhone 7 modem Intel will be in terms of collision coverage to transfer data slower than the iPhone 7 with a Qualcomm chip. In the publication Cellular Insights notes that, perhaps in the future Apple will be able to optimize the performance of the Intel modem with the new SOFTWARE, however features they model lose those, for example, Verizon customers in the United States.

In Russia, as in most other countries, officially delivered the iPhone 7 with Intel modems — networking, for which you’d need Qualcomm, in our country just yet. Besides, Intel is a newcomer among Apple suppliers and for access to the tasty morsel of the contract certainly put for the iPhone maker more reasonable prices for their products than Qualcomm, respectively, the cost of the iPhone with modems, Intel is probably a little lower. At the same time, sales on the grey market certainly has machines imported from USA and is equipped with Qualcomm chips — they without problems work on our LTE networks. Those buyers, who don’t care about the official warranty, but important data transfer rate in this situation may prefer the informally imported into Russia devices.

How to distinguish a “slow” iPhone 7 from “fast”? According to the model number. It needs to be indicated on the packaging and on the device (in small print under the text “Designed by Apple” on the rear panel). Model A1778 A1784 and are equipped with Intel chips, while models A1660 A1661 and received modems Qualcomm.

Source: Cellular Insights