Suspected terrorists in new York charged with

Suspected terrorists in new York charged with


Предполагаемому террористу в Нью-Йорке предъявлены обвинения

Eleventh December twenty-seven of Okayed Ulla tried to blow himself up in the underpass at the busiest station of the new York subway – 42nd street and times Square in Manhattan. Three people had been injured, and he failed bomber was arrested and taken to the hospital. Now he actively gives evidences. It is already known that he carried out the attack in revenge for US actions in Muslim countries. However, investigators have yet to find out how he created the bomb and as has been radicalized.

Okayed Ulla lived in a quiet area of Brooklyn with his wife and child, and his parents and brother and his wife lived two floors up. Before here all day, investigators worked. The whole block was cordoned off by police and local residents here allowed only upon presentation of documents. And residents say that the police came here at 8:30 in the morning, that is, within an hour after the explosion occurred on 42nd street.

Today, obviously, the investigation is completed. The Federal government filed Asiedu Ulla charges of using weapons of mass destruction, aiding terrorism and a number of other points.

According to neighbors, he was a young man who did not attract special attention. He came to the United States from Bangladesh seven years ago, according to the program of family reunification received a green card. He worked as a driver in the car service and electrician at the construction site. And prayed in the mosque in the Bangladeshi neighborhood in Brooklyn nearby.

Alan Butrico, the owner of a hardware store located on the corner of the street where he lived Okayed Ulla says that Ulla was a quiet neighbor. “We didn’t have any problems. He came into my store, bought groceries across the street, walking in the Park. I always thought that he’s just shy. He never talked to. A couple of times he has stood in my porch, and when I asked him to move, he argued a little, but the car moved,” says Butrica.

Deputy chief of the NYPD John Miller, speaking on local television, reported that, according to preliminary data of the investigation, Akieda Ulla had no direct connection with the ISIS, however, he was inspired by terrorist propaganda on the Internet and probably took the oath of allegiance to the Islamic state.

He did not appear in the lists of suspected terrorists either in the US or in Bangladesh. Experts say the fight against terrorism, he was a “lone wolf” who operates alone. According to John Miller, these people are the most difficult to stop because, as he said, “conspiracy in which they are enrolled takes place within their own consciousness, which is very difficult to penetrate”. Therefore, these “lone wolves” pose a particular threat to law enforcement.

According to unofficial sources, Ulla in recent years, several times went home in Bangladesh. He was outraged by U.S. bombing of ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq. And, as reported, going to 42nd street, he wrote on Facebook: “trump, you are not able to defend their country”.

According to media reports, Ulla admitted that he made a homemade explosive device at home. The police said that if he did it more professionally, the casualties could be much higher.

According to neighbors, the past few days, there were major quarrels from the house was heard loud cries. Meanwhile, last night the family Akieda Ulla released a statement, which was distributed by public organization “Council on American-Islamic relations.” In the statement, the family members, in particular, accused law enforcement agencies in inappropriate actions.

In the statement, in particular, said that relatives suspect “heartbroken in connection with the occurred attack on our city,” but also “outraged by the behavior of law enforcement officials, who kept in the cold children aged four years and took the teenager out of school to interrogate him without a lawyer and without the presence of parents”. What about the teenager and about any children referred to in the statement is not explained.

Meanwhile, President Donald trump after the terrorist attack in Manhattan, said that the country needs immigration reform. It is often said that we should change the rules that allow immigrants to enter the country. In particular, the President, trump said that the program “family migration”, which has already arrived in the U.S. immigrants can issue invitations to their relatives, “inconsistent with national security.”