Tax reform: Republicans celebrate victory

Tax reform: Republicans celebrate victory


Налоговая реформа: республиканцы празднуют победу

Democrats have criticized the bill, believing that it will benefit only the rich

The Republicans are almost guaranteed to celebrate the adoption of the tax reform, which will be the first major legislative victory of the party during the presidency of Donald trump.

“After years of work, we will adopt the most ambitious and useful for the economy, reform the tax code in a generation, – reads the statement of the speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan. Americans will see its benefits almost immediately in the form of increased salaries and reduced taxes.”

The bill was approved by the House of representatives and the Senate, with the support of the overwhelming majority of Republicans and unanimous resistance of the democratic opposition. Wednesday will be a technical vote in the House of representatives, after which the document will be signed in the White house, where trump has already scheduled a press conference.

The bill provides permanent tax cuts for corporations, a temporary reduction in taxes for individuals and limiting popular tax deductions. As expected, the result of its adoption within ten years the US national debt will grow by $ 1.5 trillion.

Democrats criticized the bill, saying that it brings to pledge America’s future both domestically and on the world stage, for further enrichment of the most wealthy segments of the population.

“Republicans have once again demonstrated that their sole priority is to give the best piece of cake to the richest minority, wrote in the “Twitter” Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. – I am convinced that the entire Republican party will one day greatly regret the day when she voted for this tax fraud”.

“We have on account of 16 years of war, for which we do not even try to pay, but, taking the bill, we put the interests of the richest Americans above our national security”, – said the Senator-Democrat from the state of Rhode island Jack reed, a senior member of the armed services Committee.

Republicans, by contrast, welcomed the planned tax cuts, insisting that they spur economic growth and make American companies more competitive both domestically and abroad.

“Countries around the world get a clear signal that America intends to play a leading role in the XXI century, – said the Senator from South Dakota John Thune. – We intend to lead the way in innovation and growth. To provide an environment in which American companies remain in the country and to keep jobs here, not yielding to foreign competitors.”

“Our tax code has hindered the creation of jobs, higher wages and investments in the U.S., pushing American companies to other countries. No idea how it could be even vredonosnaya, – said the head of the Senate Finance Committee, Orrin hatch. – The current bill will solve these problems and allow us to change the situation.”

The nonpartisan tax policy Center on Monday came to the conclusion that in the case of the bill next year, taxes will decrease for 95 percent of Americans, however, the average reduction for people with higher income will be more than for taxpayers with more modest earnings.

The bill also repeals provided for by the affordable care Act mandatory health insurance. According to the forecasts of Budget control Congress, the result of this change in the next 10 years, the country will be 13 million fewer insured citizens.

Some Democrats note that the President, being a construction magnate, can benefit thanks to some provisions of the bill. Trump insists that the changes in the tax code, by contrast, will bring him financial loss.

Public opinion polls consistently show that the bill has more opponents than supporters. Some Republicans blame the media, claiming that journalists give the wrong idea about the essence of the reform, downplaying its potential use.