Telegram could “undermine the national currency” of Iran

Telegram could “undermine the national currency” of Iran


Platform for the exchange of messages, Telegram, created by Pavel Durov and his team, had just completed the second round of the ICO record, and the results did not like the government of Iran. The app is extremely popular in authoritarian countries — has been trying to bring the wrath of government officials, especially on the background of how the Telegram helps people to organize protests.

As it turned out, the ICO of the company, in which Durova has managed to attract at least $ 1.7 billion for the development of a full blockchain ecosystem can be the last straw of patience. Some officials of Iran have publicly called for the application lock in the country, confirming the rumours that circulated for several weeks.

Secretary of the Supreme government Council for cyberspace Hassan Firuzabadi warned that the new cryptocurrency company Telegram could undermine the local economy if unchecked.

“Telegram is not the dominant messenger in any country, except Iran,” Firuzabadi said on state television. “Telegram officially announced that it will be used as an economic platform, and a Telegram would undermine the national currency of Iran.”

“We can’t afford virtual currency Telegram to enter the country,” he said, adding that her presence will lead to the leakage of 50 billion dollars out of the economy.

However, his proposal has General support among officials. President Hassan Rouhani opposes such statements. “Nobody is against the violation of monopoly Telegram in Iran, but the blocking of Telegram is not the solution for creating and extending on-premises applications to exchange messages,” he said.

Note also that a similar response Telegram officials faced in Russia. Deny does not mean to solve the problem.