Tesla assembles the battery Model 3 manually, trying to meet deadlines

Tesla assembles the battery Model 3 manually, trying to meet deadlines


Despite all the promises Tesla to increase the volume of deliveries of new Tesla Model 3, the company still can not provide everyone who did order new cars. Delays due to shortage of batteries, which are hand-picked and often in the process will engage the most qualified workers, reports CNBC.

Staff Gigafactory told the press that to complete automation, the plant is still very far away, and many of the processes as Assembly of batteries for new Model 3, still occur manually. Specialists at Tesla was missing back in mid-December, so the company asked Panasonic, a provider of components for batteries, to assign qualified builders.

In a conversation with CNBC’s engineers said that the battery is not going very well, and the necessary tests are conducted. The automated line is not established, and the slightest failure leads to complete halt of production. Company officials disagree with the allegations and explain that manual Assembly of the battery, on the contrary, helps the workers to control the process at all stages, allowing to reduce marriage to a minimum.

In August last year, Elon Musk talked about the fact that by the end of the year from the conveyor will descend about five thousand Model 3 a week, but in the third quarter turned out to collect only 220, and in all there were about two thousand Model 3.