Tesla has developed a compact “urban” version of the Supercharger

Tesla has developed a compact “urban” version of the Supercharger


The large size of the old charging stations Supercharger imposed on their installation limitations. The station was about to place in the suburbs and not very crowded places of the cities. With the installation in busy areas of the city often had problems — sometimes cumbersome Supercharger had nowhere to stick. Therefore, engineers modified the Tesla station design, making it more compact and easy to install and use.

Due to the small dimensions of the column can provide up to 72 kW, while the old give 120 kW. So now, on average, the process of charging an electric car will last about an hour. Earlier, Tesla has stated that he does not want to turn charging stations in the Parking lots, but now that the dimensions of the Supercharger is reduced by half, the manufacturer supports the idea of the Parking situation.

Reduced version of the plan to install in Parking lots near shopping centers, garages, near cinemas and cafes. Owners of Tesla electric vehicles have the opportunity to charge their batteries, but for them to set a limit, which is enough for 1,600 kilometers. After the owner has exhausted, for the use of stations already have to pay. The average price for 1 kWh is around 20 cents.

The first of a new type of Supercharger will be installed in Boston and Chicago, and then will begin to equip their other cities.