Tesla has published a report on accidents involving the Model X, which...

Tesla has published a report on accidents involving the Model X, which killed the driver


Literally a week earlier we reported about another tragic accident involving car company Tesla. As a result of the accident the electric car was torn almost to shreds. The driver was not likely to survive – too strong was the impact with the guardrail, resulting in the front of the car was actually torn. At the time of the accident no information on whether the accident is to blame the autopilot car or the driver have not been reported. And now Tesla has finally published the results of the investigation.

In the published report on the company’s website says that in the time of the accident the owner of the Model X used the adaptive cruise control set at the minimum value of the distance between the vehicle and external factors. The driver Walter Huang during the entire trip “received from the system a number of visual and sound signals, requiring him to keep hands on the wheel”. 6 seconds before the accident the system was also not identified the presence of hands on the steering wheel. This led to the death of Mr. Huang, according to Tesla.

“The driver was about 5 seconds and about 150 metres of unobstructed vision on a concrete separator with a bump to be able to take action to avoid the collision, but the system logs show that no action to prevent the accident has not been undertaken,” wrote Tesla on its website.

Tesla believe that the accident was so serious because a bump intended to soften the blow on the concrete divider was damaged before discussing the incident and was not replaced.

“We’ve never seen this level of damage have Model X in any accidents before this,” said the company.

It so happened that a proof of working in the time of the accident the autopilot came shortly after another crash, one of the participants has also become a drone. We will remind that two weeks ago an unmanned car company, Uber, knocked down a cyclistcrossing the road in the wrong place in the dark. Despite the clear violation of the man rules of the road, both events raised the degree of doubt regarding the safety of automated vehicles. Authority of Arizona (where the deflection pedestrian) has banned Uber further testing of unmanned vehicles. And after the accident, which killed the driver of the Model X, the national Council for transport safety decided for several months to investigate the security issues of drones.

The case of Model X was the third tragic event in the history of Tesla and their autopilot system. The first took place in 2016 in China. Then killed 23-year-old driver of the Model S. the six months since the accident that killed the owner of the Model S from Florida. His Tesla saw turning in front of her truck, resulting in lost not only the roof but also of human life, sitting behind the wheel. In fairness it should be noted that this time the fault of the autopilot was partial, because the investigation showed that the driver was indeed distracted from the road and did not hold hands on the steering wheel, as required by safety rules.