Tesla owners are waiting for new “Easter eggs”

Tesla owners are waiting for new “Easter eggs”


“Easter eggs” or “Easter eggs,” the little surprises left by developers of software for users. Often they occur in video games, on websites and in popular software. The purpose of the “Easter eggs” one is to please the user. As a rule, major innovations and useful features they are not just delighting people with fun surprises. To amuse the users, like the Tesla, so regularly implement for the holidays new and interesting “chips” in the software of their vehicles.

The need to find developers left surprises in the latest update in the past — now Tesla has allowed car owners to enjoy the “Easter eggs” one-touch display on-Board computer.

New version Christmas software adds to the main menu “mode Santa Claus”, which can be activated by touch or voice command “Ho-Ho-Ho!!!”. In the cabin begins to play the song “Run Rudolph Run” performed by Chuck berry, and when the turn signals the driver and passengers will hear the sound of the sled runners.

In the “Santa” traffic indicator of the vehicle located on the instrument panel, instead of the Tesla starts showing Santa Claus riding in a sleigh. If the car activated the autopilot, the road which goes animated Santa, it becomes ice.

In his Twitter Elon Musk said that the latest update includes “an Easter egg inside the Easter eggs”, whatever that means.

In the meantime, the owners of Tesla trying to unravel the secret, proposed to recallhow Tesla has pleased its customers last Christmas.