Tesla will equip 50 thousands of Australian homes with solar panels and...

Tesla will equip 50 thousands of Australian homes with solar panels and batteries


Established in Australia gigantic energy storage system has already helped the residents of the regions experiencing shortages of electricity, to go through a couple of difficult situations and save local government millions of dollars in the very first days of its launch. Now the company Tesla goes to equip 50 thousands of Australian homes collection systems and energy storage, thus creating a kind of “virtual” solar power station in the world. This company will help solar shingles and batteries Powerwall, co-produced with SolarCity.

Tesla is going to bring happiness to the people of South Australia, where each of the 50 million homes equip with solar panels and batteries distributed across the country about 650 MWh of energy. To create a decentralized system will use the battery Powerwall second generation.

“At the right time such a decentralized station will help provide power comparable to coal power plant. At low electricity demand, the battery will be charged and at high discharge, serving the needs of local residents”, — said the representative of Tesla.

To Finance the project, the Australian government is going to allocate a grant for two million American dollars, and another 30 million will be issued by a loan from the local Fund renewable energy. In the first place will be equipped with systems for collecting and storing electricity at home families with low income. To complete the installation in a Tesla going by 2022.