Texas is preparing to meet hurricane “Harvey”

Texas is preparing to meet hurricane “Harvey”


Техас готовится встретить ураган «Харви»

It is expected that over the next three days, “Harvey” will bring nearly 100 inches of rain in most parts of Texas coast

Hurricane “Harvey” is gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico and approaching the coast of Texas. Us meteorologists say that “Harvey” will be the largest hurricane in the last 12 years, when he approached the coast of the United States at the end of Friday.

The wind gusts are already up to 177 km per hour. It is expected that the wind speed exceeds 200 km per hour when the hurricane reaches the coastline of a width of 600 km. the head of the U.S. Federal Agency for emergency management (FEMA) on Friday warned of “very significant distress,” which may fall on Texas.

FEMA Director Brock long, speaking on CNN, said his greatest concern is that some of the inhabitants of the coast ignored the warnings of the authorities to evacuate and decided not to leave their homes.

“If they don’t, the window for a possible evacuation will soon be closed, he said. – Storm surges with a high potential to kill most people and cause the greatest damage.”

Техас готовится встретить ураган «Харви»

In addition, the authorities predict a significant probability of flooding in many remote from the coast counties. Hurricanes usually weaken rapidly once they move into the interior of the coast, but meteorologists say that this storm might move through an unusual route, saloperies on the coast, returning to the sea, and then struck with the new force.

It is expected that over the next three days, “Harvey” will bring nearly 100 inches of rain in most parts of the Texas coast. The national hurricane center said to expect “life-threatening” floods and peak wave heights of over 3 meters.

Experts believe that all the preparations for the emergency that has not yet come, “must be urgently completed.”

The Texans who live on the Gulf coast, prepared for the flood by building barricades from bags with sand on the most dangerous sections. Local residents rushed to shops to stock up on drinking water, food and basic necessities.

Техас готовится встретить ураган «Харви»

The state’s Governor Greg Abbott gave the staff the local emergency services be prepared to conduct the necessary search and rescue operations. He had previously declared a state of emergency in 30 counties of the state, to accelerate the deployment of the special services.

The White house press Secretary of the President of Donald trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the acting head of the Ministry of national security of the United States Elaine Duke “fully involved” in management of Federal Agency resources FEMA in Texas.