Thailand will establish a system of identification of citizens on the blockchain

Thailand will establish a system of identification of citizens on the blockchain


The Ministry of information of Thailand in conjunction with the company Omise began work on the creation of a national system of identification and payment service based on the technology of the distributed registry. Omise the developed system will be used to prevent fraud in the network, reducing the level of crime, identification in the system of public services, and quickly conduct online transactions.

MOU of mobile Platform Development between @etda_thailand and @Omise for federated proxy

Read more: #OmiseGO

— Omise (@Omise) 19 Feb 2018

The founder of Omise Jun Hasegawa announced via Twitter that soon all the people of Thailand will appreciate the benefits of blockchain technology that can improve the lives of everyone.

Happy to see more collaboration between governments as Thailand.
Also we are always happy to cooperate and help change peoples daily lives better with decentralization. #OmiseGO #Ethereum #Thailand

— JUNΞ (@JUN_Omise) 19 Feb 2018

Principles of a new blockchain infrastructure Omise is not reported. In addition, it is unclear how the blockchain infrastructure Omise will solve the problem of scaling to meet the needs of the ID system. While the company only said that the problem is solved in conjunction with the developers of Ethereum.

The launch date the parties have not yet announced, since the project is at an early stage of development. Likely, new information will appear closer to the end of the year — that’s when the specialists plan to introduce the alpha version of the system.

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