The 140-character limit of Twitter stopped to consider the names in the...

The 140-character limit of Twitter stopped to consider the names in the answers


Microblogging network Twitter has ceased to include user names in the 140-character limitation on the length of the message. Limit commuted in the web version, and also iOS and Android apps.

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Names beginning with the @ sign no longer included in the calculation of the length of the tweet. So, no longer have to save space for text when referring directly to a group of users. In addition, the @ sign will no longer be used at the beginning of the tweet. This is not necessary because all new messages that start with the name of the account, will be shown to all subscribers of the user.

We’re changing replies so that you have all of 140 characters to express yourself.

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— Twitter (@Twitter) March 30, 2017


Count the number of characters in @name created inconvenience, particularly in large conversations involving multiple people. The more people participated in the conversation, the less characters remained to write the answer. Now, touching the field “In reply” (Replying To), you can mention in the dialogue of specific interlocutors.

Twitter continues to ease policy in relation to the 140-character limit. In September last year, the service stopped to consider the limit of any media applications that use, including photos, videos, animated gifs, polls and quotes tweets. And in the summer of 2015, the size of one private message has been increased from 140 to 10 thousand characters.

Source: TechCrunch