The administration of the trump criticizes immigration based on family ties

The administration of the trump criticizes immigration based on family ties


Администрация Трампа критикует иммиграцию на основе семейных связей

According to intelligence agencies, the defendants in two recent incidents of terrorism hit the US as a result of successive immigration based on family relationship

Two recent incident has strengthened the position of the administration of Donald trump in respect of the system of immigration based on family ties, which, according to the President, threatens national security.

The acting press Secretary of the Ministry of internal security Tyler Houlton said Saturday that his Department can confirm that a suspect of involvement in the terrorist attack in harrisburg, Pennsylvania, woman who was arrested on charges related to terrorism money laundering, have already benefited from chain migration of extended family members”.

According to him, both incidents “highlight the concern of the administration trump about the chain of migratsii members of extended families.”

On Friday in harrisburg armed man, who immigrated to the U.S. from Egypt, opened fire on police in several places, before the guards shot him.

Ahmed Alinamin El Mofti opened fire on the policewoman of the state, but the authorities expect that it will be able to fully recover.

Relative El Mufti said that his family was mystified by his actions. Ahmed Suweilam told the media that his sister was married to El Mofti, but they parted six years ago. He also said that his brother-in-law worked as a guard and moved back to Egypt, but returned to the U.S. a few months ago.

“He’s not perfect, but was not an aggressive man,” said Kovalam.

El Mofti was in the United States as a result of “a long migration chain,” which began many years ago with a distant relative of the suspect, said Houlton.

In another incident, a woman from Pakistan who immigrated to the U.S. on the basis of family ties, charged with the laundering of bitcoins and sending money to the jihadists of the “Islamic state”. Lawyer Subie Shahnaz claims that his client tried to help the Syrian refugees.

According to Houlton, terrorists use immigration based on family ties to attacks on the United States. He noted that the system of immigration based on family ties “makes it difficult to ban in the US dangerous people for the protection of all Americans.” He noted that the immigration system based on merit, “is used by almost all other countries.”

Supporters of immigration, merit-based, saying that the current system leads to lower salaries and discourages assimilation.

Администрация Трампа критикует иммиграцию на основе семейных связей

They believe that such a system will also contribute to reducing migration and arrival in the country of highly skilled migrants, who are less likely to need support from the state.

Earlier this year the President, trump said: “For several decades in the United States had a system of immigration for extremely low-skilled people, which issued a record number of green cards to immigrants working in low-paying jobs”.

“Politics based on family ties, had a significant pressure on U.S. workers, taxpayers and public resources,” added trump.

However, critics believe that the us economy also needs low-skilled workers, and that a system based on merit, will hurt industries that depend on them.

Sistema, merit-based, will also lead to higher costs of government, because he will have to consider applications and to pay the relocation costs that are currently covered family sponsors.

Critics also believe that a system based on merit, contrary to the American spirit.

The leader of the democratic minority in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi stated that a system based on merit, “denies a fundamental respect for the family, which is the essence of our faith, the essence of our ideas about ourselves as Americans”.