The administration requested a strategy in Syria

The administration requested a strategy in Syria


От администрации потребовали представить стратегию  в Сирии

Legislators believe that the White house needs to propose a plan of action in the middle East

Republican Senator John McCain supported the decision of the President of trump on the conduct of military action against Syria, warning that a peaceful solution to the conflict in the region, the administration needs to develop a “full scale strategy”.

“I welcome the President’s decision to conduct a military operation against the Assad regime because of the recent use of chemical weapons, and support the demonstration that (such action) again, if you continue these attacks,” reads the statement of the Senator.

While John McCain has warned that the administration needs to develop a “fully-fledged strategy regarding Syria and the region as a whole.”

“The President must define our goals not only in relation to the “Islamic state”, but in relation to the ongoing conflict in Syria, and also in order to reduce the influence of Russia and Iran in the region, the statement reads. – Airstrikes that are not related to the overall strategy may be needed, but they will not help to achieve the goals set for the United States in the middle East.”

At least one member of the Republican party in the U.S. Congress – Thomas Massey, representing Kentucky, was supported by Democrats on Capitol hill, who said that a President trump was supposed to get the approval of the house of representatives before he gave the order to conduct military action against Syria.

“I have not read the Constitution of France or Britain, but I’ve read ours, and it is not written anywhere that the President has the right to strike on Syria,” said Massey.

According to the leader of the democratic minority in Congress, Nancy Pelosi, “one night of missile strikes” will not solve all the problems in Syria.

“The President must go to Congress and get approval for the use of military force, suggesting a full-scale strategy that includes clear objectives, which guarantees the safety of our armed forces and prevent victims among civilians”, – reads the statement of the legislator.

Member of the international Affairs Committee, democratic Senator Tim Kane has called the President’s decision to conduct a military operation “illegal” due to the fact that Donald trump has not received the consent of Congress. He also accused the US President in “opening a new military front”. “At a time when a comprehensive strategy (for Syria) is folly,” said the Senator.

The head Democrats in the U.S. Senate, Democrat Chuck Schumer said that the main goal of the administration now is to develop specific actions which would not allow to draw the United States into a new war.

“Precise and limited actions that will allow to punish and hopefully deter Assad from repeating (the chemical attack) is relevant, but the administration needs to exercise caution and not to draw us into more and more hot war in Syria,” the Senator wrote in his “Twitter”.