The administration trump can stop funding the ISS

The administration trump can stop funding the ISS


Администрация Трампа может прекратить финансирование МКС

A new budget initiative will save up to $ 4 billion a year

The US administration 2025 plan to stop funding the International space station (ISS).

According to the American media, familiar with the draft budget for fiscal year 2019, the proposal will be included in the package of documents that the White house will give Congress next week.

The United States share of the financing ISS in the last 20 years was almost $ 4 billion a year.

The Obama administration took the decision to extend funding of the station for a period up to 2024.

Private companies engaged in projects in the field of space exploration, including SpaceX and Boeing, insisted on keeping the funding in subsequent years, claiming that before in such a short time to build a sufficient number of the orbital module.

However, at the end of 2016 President trump has signed a decree according to which the main priority for NASA should be the development of outer space and the organization of a new expedition to the moon.

In the American space Agency refused to comment on media reports stating that the participation of NASA in the International space station remains “the basis for full-scale scientific and technical research…cosmos’s.»