The Agency will implement in its services the elements of artificial intelligence

The Agency will implement in its services the elements of artificial intelligence


The Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) is going to implement in their work the elements of artificial intelligence and invites to cooperation in this sector large companies, the news Agency TASS with reference to the Minister Gregory Ivlieva, which publication interviewed. This will be done in the framework of the program of digitalization.

“The digitalization, which is held in Rospatent, is our main direction of development. Digitalization is global in nature, there are phenomena that constitute challenges for intellectual property rights: the Internet of things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence. But today we take these tools in order to use them in their work”, — said Ivliev.

The head of Rospatent noted that the office is interested in cooperation with large companies in the field of digitization of its activities.

“Yandex we offered cooperation, rather, they went to the cooperation. We work with a system integrator “KROK” and “AI-Teko”. But we announce a competition among local developers to develop such software. The us government has allocated substantial funds for the digitization process, it is the state’s investment in tools for citizens and the research sector. The government understands the importance of these activities”, — said Ivliev.

The head of Rospatent also added that the Agency will be glad to cooperate with large companies:

“We invite the large companies come to us, assign tasks, and solve problems”.

Ivliev explained that the Agency plans to create a registry of 3D technology, which will compare the 3D model of the filed with Rospatent application with the already existing array of registered models, their comparative analysis.

“Just to see the results of this search, where in red are marked discrepancies, and green — similarity. Will just have to look at the colors and click on the button. Everything else is a comparison for him to do a special program,” he said.