The American military killed 4 militants “Al-Shabab”

The American military killed 4 militants “Al-Shabab”


Американские военные уничтожили 4 боевиков «Аш-Шабаб»

In an airstrike near Mogadishu was also destroyed by a car bomb

As a result of American air strikes in the vicinity of the capital of Somalia eliminated four militants group “Al-Shabab” and destroyed a vehicle Packed with explosives, said Thursday the African command of the United States.

The airstrike inflicted on Wednesday evening, 25 km West of Mogadishu, has prevented the use of a car bomb against civilians in the capital, said in a statement.

According to estimates Africa command, none of the civilians died as a result of the strike, which was carried out in coordination with the Federal government of Somalia.

Over the past year, the U.S. has carried out more than 30 airstrikes against the terrorist group “Al-Shabab” and a small but growing group of supporters of the “Islamic state” in Somalia.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon announced that an airstrike in southern Somalia on 24 December were killed 13 militants “Al-Shabab” to the North-West from the coastal city of Kismayo.

“The air strike was aimed against insurgents who were preparing an attack on our base. Fortunately, soldiers from friendly countries neutralized them with a drone strike, eliminating 13 of the militants,” – said Somali military commander.

Earlier this year, trump administration authorized the expansion of military operations in Somalia, where associated with “al-Qaeda” grouping “Al-Shabab” trying to overthrow the government and install a strict version of Sharia.