The bill on the online cinemas to finalize for the second reading

The bill on the online cinemas to finalize for the second reading


The government pointed to the need for additional studies to limit the share of foreign participation

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The government
The Russian Federation has directed to the state Duma a positive opinion on the draft law establishing
new rules for online cinemas, in particular, goes about restriction of foreign participation share of 20%. However, the document points to the need for a partial revision of the bill a second reading. In particular, authors should clarify the concept of “audiovisual products” and “audiovisual service”, and to explain what purpose limits the participation of foreigners in
the work of audiovisual services in
Russia. The head of the Committee on information policy, Leonid Levin, told “Izvestia” that the decision to recommend or not a document to be adopted in the first reading, the Committee will take on Wednesday.

A review of the government arrived in the state Duma on 31 December. Recall that we are talking about bill Andrew
Lugovoi (LDPR) and Saraliev
(“United Russia”), which creates a new legislative framework for the work
online cinemas in Russia. The document proposes to limit
the participation of foreign companies in this business 20% share, if the daily
the audience of the online service in a month exceeds 100 thousand.
users across Russia and more
20 thousand users within the region
of the country.

Recall that
January 1, 2016 came into force a law according to which the share of foreign capital in the authorized
capital of the Russian media should not
to exceed 20%.

Restrictions should not apply
at the site, where the content of “predominantly”
place the users themselves, and
also, the company strategically
importance for ensuring defence of the country
and security of the state.
Thus, new rules that
shall enter into force from 1 July 2017,
for example,
not affect popular services You

response the government indicated that the bill “requires
additional studies” to “the need to limit
the share of foreign
participation in
the Charter capital of the legal entity, which may
to host the audio-visual
service.” In
note to the bill there is no such justification.

in interview “news” Andrei Lugovoi said about the need to protect Russian players in this field. The volume
the online video market now
is about 5 billion rubles a year, recalled Lugovoi. Thus, the adoption of the law will allow until 2025
to increase this amount to 25-30 billion rubles
and a significant share will be
to belong to the Russian sites.

The government
The Russian Federation also recommends to clarify
used in the bill the concept
“audiovisual services” and “audiovisual
products.” So, for the last term the developers of the document suggested
to refer the set of movies
films and other audiovisual
works and television channels, television programs,
video. The need to clarify these concepts pointed out in its opinion and legal
the office of the state Duma.

Criticism of the government caused and defining new powers of the government Commission on monitoring foreign investment in Russia. The bill established that the Commission will at the request of a foreign company to allow her to own online cinema in Russia. The powers of the Commission are fixed only in the law “On information, information technologies and protection of information”, a correction of the law “On the procedure for foreign investments in economic companies of strategic importance for national defense and state security” is not provided.

In addition, according to
the project, Roskomnadzor
will include in a special register
online cinema
with attendance of over 100 thousand users
monthly across Russia and 20 thousand
“predominantly” in one
region of the country. The government
considers that it is necessary “to finalize
criteria” hit
the roster for the
sites. Legal
the office of the state Duma in its conclusion
the project also pointed to the ambiguity in the question of primary purpose
audio / video services for users
in the territory of one
subject of the Russian Federation.

this method of counting visitors
the service will determine, according to the bill
Roskomnadzor. Andrei Lugovoi said earlier that “counting
will be made for each service,
but the stack will be the audience with
all devices, including mobile
and Smart TV”.

CEO of the Association “Internet video” Alex
Bardin believes
that technique
extremely important, as a result of
incorrect calculations may be the wrong number. For example, in a situation when the same visitor comes to service
with different devices. The result
incorrect data
may be critical for the company because they will depend on — falls cinema under the restriction or not.

The head of the Committee on information
policy and communications of the state Duma Leonid Levin (“Fair
Russia”) has informed “news” that the Committee has not yet decided, will be
whether a bill is recommended for adoption
in the first reading.

— The Committee will be determined
at its meeting Wednesday, he said.

According to the work plan of the state Duma, the first reading of the bill is scheduled
on 13 Jan.

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