The Boeing company intends to overtake SpaceX and the first to land...

The Boeing company intends to overtake SpaceX and the first to land people on Mars


The race for Mars is gaining momentum. CEO of Boeing, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aviation, space and military equipment, believes that megarocket, which his company helps to create space Agency NASA to deliver astronauts to the Red planet and make it earlier than it promised to make the billionaire and the owner of the company SpaceX Elon Musk.

On the question of the journalist of the news publishers CNBC about who, in his opinion, the first will take humans to Mars — Boeing and SpaceX, the head of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg said that definitely believes in his company.

“Sooner or later, but the mankind will go to Mars. And I firmly believe that the first man to set foot on the Red planet, will be taken with the launch of the Boeing company,” said Muilenburg.

It should be recalled that Boeing is the main contractor entrusted with the task of developing the first stage of the giant rocket NASA’s Space Launch System. Rocket plan to use for launching space missions into deep space, and as the primary launch vehicle for sending astronauts to other planets in the Solar system using a new spacecraft “Orion”. In addition to Boeing, the contractors in the project are companies such as United Launch Alliance, Orbital ATK and Aerojet Rocketdyne. Space Agency NASA is planning in the near future to build the moon space station “Deep Space Gateway”, which will become a transit point on the way to other planets, including Mars. It is here that the Agency plans to use the booster SLS together with the spacecraft “Orion” by which people will be transported to the Red planet. The first test launch of SLS is planned for 2019.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk, head of SpaceX, has long time thinking about how to build a colony on Mars. This, too, will need a new rocket, which he is now engaged. Super-heavy rocket was named Big Falcon Rocket or BFR (informal name Big Fucking Rocket) and will be used to send humans to Mars, the moon, and in the other direction. In addition, in January of next year, SpaceX plans to produce the first launch of a new rocket heavy class Falcon Heavy. Last week, Musk announced that the first test run aboard the new missile he’s going to launch into space its own electric sports car Tesla Roadster, which will play the song David Bowie “Space Oddity”. Direction? The Orbit Of Mars.

Of course, after the statement of Mulenburg Mask to remain silent just couldn’t do it, limiting it, however, is short, but cheeky comment on Twitter: “come on”.

In response to this, the guys from Boeing said that they accept the challenge, writing in his page on the same social network: “the Game began”.