The Boring Company Elon musk going to produce the bricks from the...

The Boring Company Elon musk going to produce the bricks from the excavated earth


To combat exhausting drivers tubes Elon Musk created a company digging a network of underground tunnels. Now one mile of tunnel costs as The Boring Companyand other builders about a billion dollars, but Musk intends to reduce costs by approximately ten times due to non-waste production, reduce the diameter of the tunnel and the use of advanced technologies, including machinery on the actuators.

Wait until ordinary cars learn to fly, or to build a new ground road Musk did not want — in the first case, will have to wait a very long time, in the second things go faster, but do not solve the problem — the noise, dirt and a new tube is not going anywhere.

If you quickly and efficiently dig underground tunnels, traffic jams can be eliminated pretty quickly. In addition to tunnelling, the company is busy and research in this area — so the experts came up with the idea to use waste soil for production of bricks. They can be used immediately to strengthen the arch, a new thread or use them for building houses — so the engineers of the Mask and are going to do. Waste-free production — it is fashionable.