The Bosch scanner will determine what you spilled last night

The Bosch scanner will determine what you spilled last night


To recover the memories of the tumultuous party often help videos from YouTube, carefully flooded with there friends. But even they are not always able to understand what was smeared t-shirt last night. Fortunately, this can help the scanner from Bosch, the prototype of which, the German technological giant has introduced at the IFA exhibition in 2017.

A small X-Spect is specially designed to help efficiently and without consequences to determine the composition of the fabric, which is sewn an article of clothing, and the gadget is able to accurately determine what kind of spot are now on clothes.

It is enough to scan the object, and after a couple of seconds, X-Spect will send a team to the home washing machine which will receive detailed instructions on the mode of washing, which, among other things, will contain the settings associated with water temperature and number of revolutions of the drum.

It seems that soon after refrigerators, televisions and microwaves through X-Spect will “get smarter” and a washing machine. On the other hand, caution when using it does not hurt, because the gadget is quite capable to distinguish on clothes washed away the lipstick or something worse.