The candidate from the Communist party revealed a plan of action when...

The candidate from the Communist party revealed a plan of action when withdrawing from the election in the Republic of Khakassia


The candidate from the Communist party for the presidency of the Republic of Khakassia Valentin Konovalov, whose registration with the election Commission decided to cancel, told how he intends to defend the right to participate in elections. He said that about the protests and the hunger strike so far

Valentin Konovalov

(Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti)

The headquarters of the candidate for the head of Khakassia Republic from the Communist party, the winner of the first round of elections Valentina Konovalova filed in the Supreme court of Khakassia the application for cancellation of the decision of the regional electoral Commission, which decided to cancel his registration for the elections. This itself Konovalov told RBC. According to him, the legal grounds for the withdrawal of his candidacy there.

“We believe that the position [of the election Committee of Khakassia] contrary to the provisions of the law. Moreover, they missed the timing, which could challenge my registration — within ten days from the date of registration of the candidate. To date, the withdrawal [of the candidate] is possible only on again opened circumstances” — he stressed, adding that “all documents received by the election Committee of Khakassia when you register, obviously, there is seen”.

The Communist noted that the decision of the regional election Committee about cancellation of its registration was not in force.