The Cardin report: assessment of the reality of Russian threats and methods...

The Cardin report: assessment of the reality of Russian threats and methods of response


Доклад Кардина: оценка реальности российской угрозы и способов ответа

Experts in an interview with “Voice of America” saying that a document describing the Russian intervention in American politics based on facts

MOSCOW – a Report entitled “Asymmetric attack Putin on democracy in Russia and Europe: implications for U.S. national security”, developed under the leadership of democratic Senator from Maryland Ben Cardin and presented this week to Congress and the public, is deep and detailed state study of the Russian intervention in the internal politics of the United States. I come to this conclusion many experts who reviewed the document and familiarised with the list of sources from which it is made.

Noteworthy that the staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs have used a large number of publications of Russian journalists and researchers the activities of Russian authorities of the Putin era. In terms of use of these materials, the document is almost unprecedented.

The reaction of official Russia “report Cardin” was extremely irritated. In particular, the former Russian Ambassador to the US, and now the first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Sergei Kislyak struck in his comments to journalists on Friday personally to Senator Ben Cardin, stating that “pumps up its political profile, pushing various anti-Russian initiatives and bills.”

“Amid the current political keyed in USA around everything connected with Russia, it would be even weird, don’t try such figures as Senator Cardin, to accumulate political capital and once again move to the public realm private Russophobic agenda. Moreover, this material – originally a purely anti-Russian and sharpened, in particular, on criticism of the President of trump for not, like, active position on the Russian question” – said Kislyak, who returned to Moscow from Washington last summer.

About the features of the report and the reasons for his appearance in an interview with the Russian service “voice of America” said the Russian political and media experts.

Vasily Gatov: report of Cardin is quite convincing for the experts

Expert Annenbergs school University of southern California, Russian media analyst Vasily Gatov considers that “the report of Cardin” is “literally the most comprehensive collection of facts ever compiled for a trial in relation to whether the Russian policy of intervention in the Affairs of other countries, and how it is partly connected with the political behavior of the Kremlin, its attitude towards the opposition, the political structure of the country and the problem of transit of power, quite important, as relevant to this transit is a Testament to the stability of the state, because of the problems, related to nuclear weapons and global security, a critical component among the threats to US security”.

“This is a serious analytical work, though not without certain flaws, which largely predetermined the political problem of the United States in the political fight the Democrats and the Republicans and establishment of “anti-establishment” in the face of trump’s,” says Vasily Gatov.

The report, according to the expert, makes “a convincing impression, even for specialists, because when there is a systematization of the threats, you can get an idea about how these threats look like, how they are calculated, does it make sense to think of them as permanent.”

“It is important not only to properly respond to the threat, but to resolve – doesn’t it make sense to build a standing structure. In this sense, the report captures Cardin and possibly extends the ideas that were laid down in several decisions of the Congress and the administration, as Obama and trump, in respect of both genuine and somewhat, in my opinion, the threats from Russia against the US and the West in General,” says media analyst about their impression of the “report Cardin”.

Vasily Gatov not always agree with the assessment of the scale of the Russian threat that exists in the United States, believing that the United States overestimate the consistency and refinement of Moscow’s efforts: “My position was quite critical – America overestimated, especially in the journalistic environment, the scale and danger of the threats emanating from the Kremlin against the American democracy as such and the specific political situation in the country.”

However, the expert is sure that “report Cardin” improve understanding of the problem: “Analysts of Congress, after working on this document, abstained from hysteria against Russian threats, clearly trying to assess its scale and how it is essential for the U.S. to change its security structure in connection with the occurrence of such a threat.”

Alexander Morozov: the Kremlin wants the degradation of the West to the state of abandonment of democracy

Independent political analyst, specialist in internal policy of Russia Alexander Morozov, speaking about the systematic threats from Moscow to the West and the US in particular, claims that Russian authorities and security services in many cases do not expect a specific result: “Putin and the Kremlin is trying to strike at the weak point where they think something can pass with impunity, with the motive “let’s try and see what happens, and if you don’t meet serious resistance, or will here a poorly controlled area – will expand it in their favor.”

Alexander Morozov believes that the first Russian intervention in the Western chain was a case of individuals not affiliated with the official structures, and it is not necessary to consider how the system initially.

“I think it all started with the fact that the Russian hackers, not even associated with the secret services, began to attack various American institutions just to show their hacking prowess on the global hacking services. And then, much later, those interested in Russian intelligence units, which engaged in the cybersecurity and electronic intelligence. Here is an important commercial component and an outsourcing – that is, for hackers, and hackers, the secret service comes and asks for something to crack, and the secret service then can these hackers do not see”, – believes Alexander Morozov.

The analyst cites the example of the penetration of the “hand of Moscow” in the Internet environment of Central Europe: “it Often happens that websites are spreading Pro-Kremlin news not because the editors are employees of the Russian special services or supporters of Putin. It’s just people who take money and see this as Commerce. In the Czech Republic was the episode when investigating the activities of more than 40 sites which distribute a Pro-Kremlin news, and the owners of these websites, the editors said, “what is special? We have a commercial website, we put anything we don’t care what Putin that the reptilians that horoscope.”

According to Alexander Morozova, the offer of services at some point met with a Mature demand, and he, in turn, originated from the Russian special services who wanted to hurt the West: “somewhere in 2008-2010, I think, in the Kremlin discussed the idea, and they took it from some commercial fiction that a direct US military response impossible, and it is necessary to develop a concept like “guerrilla warfare”. In this literature, lots of things have happened and we could have blackouts due to the collapse of electric grids, and hitting the financial system of other countries digital attacks on stock exchanges, and so forth.”

“It is also important that they read Gene sharp about the “nonviolent revolution” and, at first, very worried, but then I thought that, too, need to shake up society in the West, and that it is necessary in the party to expand this literature. In addition, the Kremlin with very great sympathy studied different methods of manipulation, including the experience of Italy – how Berlusconi manipulated society and public opinion for quite a while, also using populist mechanisms of division of society and how it would gather again in their favor,” – says the expert.

Alexander Morozov is sure that the American politicians there are sufficient grounds to accept the Russian intervention seriously, and they need to develop a clear response: “with Regard to the U.S. concern, which is expressed now as a result of all of this, and the senators, and the American special services, it is justified. After all, the question arises – what are the possibilities of future similar interventions? What it may lead? Because the aim of intervention is not economic or military victory and destruction, a boost to degradation. Because in some sense, the Kremlin is trying to lower the rest of the country to such a level of degradation in which democracy cannot be sustained”.

  • Доклад Кардина: оценка реальности российской угрозы и способов ответа

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