The case of Manafort: a review of the evidence

The case of Manafort: a review of the evidence


Дело Манафорта: обзор фактов

What are the charges against the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump?

In Alexandria, Virginia, on Tuesday began the trial of the former Manager of the campaign headquarters of Donald trump Paul Manafort one of the criminal cases instituted against him by spectaculorum Robert Mueller.

At first glance, the charges against Manafort criminal charges of tax evasion, concealing foreign Bank accounts and fraud at registration of loans not linked to the nature of the investigation, which is headed by spectracolor Mueller, devoted to the collusion between the election headquarters trump and Russia during the elections of 2016.

The charges relate to lobbying activities of Manafort in the interests of the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who stood on the Pro-Russian positions. This activity Manafort worked for a dozen years.

According to the prosecution, working for Yanukovych and his “Party of regions” from 2006 to 2015, Manafort and his former partner, Rick gates earned tens of millions of dollars while hiding their income from IRS.

According to the Prosecutor’s office to avoid taxes, they opened a number of fictitious companies and offshore accounts by transferring the proceeds from the Ukrainian projects in the U.S. account under the guise of “loans” and buying up expensive real estate and luxury items.

When following the ousting of Yanukovych in 2014, the income from the Ukraine ceased to act, Manafort and gates had developed another scheme of obtaining the funds using their US real estate as collateral to obtain Bank loans worth more than 20 million, fraudulently overstating their income.

In total, according to the prosecution, through the offshore accounts of Manafort and gates has been more than $ 75 million.

Manafort pleads not guilty to charges brought against him in Virginia, as well as in the other case, which is considered by court in Washington.

Manafort is in jail since June, when a judge in Washington refused him bail because of the suspicion of manipulation of evidence.

2014 in respect of Manafort conducted a Federal investigation on suspicion in illegal lobbying activities and financial fraud, and the sight of a Muller he came last year, when he began to study the relationships between approximations trump and Moscow.

Mueller for 14 months gathering evidence against Manafort, studying a variety of materials confiscated during the searches of Manafort and gates, computers and electronic devices, as well as documents obtained from financial institutions.

On the day prosecutors filed a list that includes hundreds of exhibits they plan to use in court, including financial documents and pictures of luxury cars and real estate, which Manafort bought on earned money.

Spectacular also attracted 35 witnesses who will testify against Manafort. Among them – the accountants, financial advisors, tax professionals and realtors.

However, the main prosecution witness, apparently, will be gates, who worked closely with Manafort in Ukraine, and later worked as his Deputy at the campaign headquarters trump.

Gates originally involved in the case as the second defendant in October last year, agreed to testify against Manafort. When, in February, spectracolor brought against them in the second case, gates pleaded guilty to two less serious charges in exchange for cooperation.

Manafort continues to insist on his own, promising to challenge the allegations, however, according to lawyers, the prospect of a guilty verdict on 32 counts of murder and subsequent life sentence can change its defense strategy.

“The scale of the charges against Paul Manafort charges are that in some point the best solution for him to try to make a deal with the prosecution,” – said former Federal Prosecutor Lisa Griffin, currently Professor of law at Duke University.

However, according to her, it seems that Manafort is not enough valuable information to achieve the withdrawal of all charges.