The ceremony of awarding the “Grammy” music mixed with politics

The ceremony of awarding the “Grammy” music mixed with politics


Церемония вручения «Грэмми»: музыка смешалась с политикой

The organizers of the ceremony decided the appearance on it of Hillary Clinton satire, but critics of this move seemed inappropriate

On the 60th ceremony of delivery of awards “Grammy” in addition to the remarkable music came on the scene policy.

A former opponent of Donald trump in the presidential election Democrat, Hillary Clinton suddenly appeared at the ceremony in the video, whose members allegedly auditioned to record audio summaries of the best-seller of Michael Wolfe’s “Fire and fury” on the ground, a very unusual year trump as President.

In addition to Clinton, “listening” were performers John legend, cher, Snoop Dogg, KARDi Bi and DJ Khaled. The host of the ceremony “Grammy”, said that Clinton was the winner of “listening”.

“Grammy in the pocket,” said Clinton.

The observer noted that Clinton believed that the electoral victory was also her “in the pocket”.

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley did not consider the appearance of Clinton funny.

“Always loved “Grammy”, but the musicians reading the book “Fire and fury” killed ceremony, she wrote on Twitter. – No need to spoil good music with garbage. Some of us like music without any admixture of politics.”

The head of the National recording Academy Neil Portnow the Associated Press said that, from his point of view, the appearance of Clinton was more satirical than political.

The President’s son Donald trump, Jr. tweeted: “the Ability to read a passage from the book based on fake news, at the ceremony “Grammy”, apparently, was a good consolation prize for defeat in an election”.

Meanwhile, the actress and singer, Janelle Monet reminded the audience that the music industry should not shy away from issues related to sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

“For those who try to silence us, we have two words: time out,” she said.

Monet invited on stage the singer Kesha, which has long been trying to break the agreement with their producer, who, according to her, raped her.

Praying in the song, which was performed by Kesha, there are such words: “After what you did, I can thank you for what I’ve become so strong.”

American singer of Cuban origin Camila Cabello made for granting legal protection to “dreamers” – illegal immigrants brought to the United States in childhood.

“This country was built by dreamers for dreamers,” she said.

Cabello presented the video of the group U2, who performed the song Get Out of Your Own Way on a barge in new York Harbor on the background of the statue of Liberty lighthouse, which welcomed millions of immigrants hoping for a new life in the United States.