The CIA believes that the purpose of Kim Jong-UN – unification of...

The CIA believes that the purpose of Kim Jong-UN – unification of Korea under his rule


ЦРУ считает, что цель Ким Чен Ына – объединение Кореи под своей властью

The Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that the next step weapons programme of the DPRK can be to create the Arsenal with the possibility of simultaneous launch of many rockets

WASHINGTON – us intelligence officials believe that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is a rational and ambitious man who would hardly be satisfied with using the DPRK’s nuclear programme only to preserve their power.

“We believe that Kim Jong UN will use existing tool sets not only to protect the regime,” warned on Tuesday the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo.

“Call it a compulsion – so Kim Jong UN is prepared to use these nuclear weapons,” said Pompeo, describing the ultimate goal of the North Korean leader as a “merger of [Korean] Peninsula under his authority.”

Pompeo and other intelligence officials have repeatedly said that Pyongyang probably need a few months to get the possibility of a nuclear strike on the United States.

However, speaking at an event organized in Washington by the conservative American enterprise Institute, Pompeo warned that the North Korean leader intends to create an even greater threat to the world.

“The next logical step would be the creation of an Arsenal and the simultaneous launch of many rockets,” said Pompeo.

American officials say that President Donald trump is focused on finding a diplomatic solution to the North Korean crisis.

At the same time, the Pentagon and intelligence also claim that there are any options to prevent the use of nuclear weapons by North Korea.

Pompeo declined to answer questions about the possibility of limited strikes to incapacitate the weapons facilities of Pyongyang.

“We are working on preparing a series of solutions to ensure that we can provide a number of things that the President had a whole range of possibilities,” he said.

However, there are fears that Kim Jong-UN may not be fully aware of the administration’s commitment trump.

“We are concerned that perhaps he is not getting enough accurate information,’ said Pompeo. – When a senior leader brings bad news, Kim Jong Ynu, it can be unsafe for this person.”

“We are taking practical steps which we believe will enable Kim Jong Ynu unmistakably to understand that we are focused on denuclearization. We hope that he will see it,” said the Director of the CIA.