The coal and nuclear sector of the US economy will not get...

The coal and nuclear sector of the US economy will not get support


Угольная и атомная отрасли экономики США не получат поддержки

Despite promises of Donald trump, coal subsidies and nuclear power plants will not be

The Federal Commission for energy regulations (FERC) rejected the proposal of the Minister of energy Rick Perry about supporting coal and nuclear energy.

On Monday, the independent energy Agency said that Perry failed to prove the necessity of the subsidies coal and nuclear power plants to maintain reliability and stability of the electrical network of the country.

The Commission of five consists of four people appointed by the President, Donald trump, three of them Republicans. The decision of the Commission is mandatory.

The Commission recognized that she agreed with Perry’s stated goal of a sustainable electricity grid. The Federal Commission on regulation of energy requested the regional network operators to provide, within 60 days of its proposals regarding the strengthening of the power system. The Commission would then decide whether additional actions, said FERC.

Plan administration the White house was opposed by an unusual coalition of business groups and environmentalists, who often do not agree with each other. Critics noted that the plan will negatively affect energy markets and increase prices for consumers in some regions of the country.

Group of environmental advocates welcomed the news, saying that the plan of the administration would only increase the amount of dirty and dangerous fuels. Damon Moglen, senior adviser of the organization “friends of the Earth,” said: “no matter how strong the lobbying by the industry, the market dictates that nuclear and coal plants must be replaced by a cheap, clean and safe solar and wind energy.”

President Donald trump has promised to help the coal and nuclear industries that have been affected by the overflow of cheap natural gas.