The Communists will be bolstered by the non-party

The Communists will be bolstered by the non-party


The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party approved the introduction of the official Institute of supporters of party

Photo:the Agency urban news “Moscow”/Sergei Vedyashkin

The Communist party intends to introduce in the party Institute supporters. The draft of amendments to the Charter was approved on may 22 at a meeting of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party, have informed “news” the Secretary of the Central Committee Sergei Obukhov. For Charter changes are expected to vote for the Communist party Congress, which opens on may 27.

The Charter of the Communist party were last varied at the XV Congress in 2013. Recall the congresses of the Communist party are mandatory every four years, but they are not always accompanied by changes of the Charter. Sergei Obukhov explained the need for amendment of correction of the electoral legislation.

They plan the Communists

— Created the Institute of supporters of the regulations approved by the Presidium, the Charter will be reference standard, — said Sergei Obukhov. — On Friday, a draft of the Charter amendments approved at the Plenum, after which it will be debated in Congress.

As explained by the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, Institute supporters, there are many parties. At the same time, the opportunity to acquire the status of supporter, while remaining formally unaffiliated, will attract into the orbit of the party a greater number of activists, he said.

— It is envisaged that supporters will be able to become those who have been forced to suspend membership in the party due to the requirements of the law on civil service, — said the interlocutor of “Izvestia”.

Secretary of the Moscow gorkom of the Communist party Valery Rashkin said the “Izvestia” that in the future there will be instructions, which will clearly define the rights and obligations of party supporters, as well as determined to put their insignia and certificates. According to Rashkin, the idea of legalization of the institution of supporters is taken from that collected by the regional offices of the party members on the ground working with the citizens, sympathizers of the Communist party, and would like to find for this work the new formats. Also the head of the Moscow city Committee explained that after two or three months after the Congress the Presidium of the Central Committee will make a decision about who from the leadership of the Communist party will oversee the work with supporters.

— This will be a person not below the status of Secretary of the Central Committee or a Deputy Chairman of the party, — said Valery Rashkin.

The amendments to the Charter

In addition to standards regulating the work with party supporters, the Charter will be submitted to a number of other changes, mostly “technical nature,” said Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party. According to him, the need for these amendments caused by changes in the electoral legislation, which, therefore, requires to correct the financial and economic activities.

Butts noted that the amendments to the Charter continue to be, and “can even be different options.” After approval by the Congress the updated version of the Charter must register the Ministry of justice. Also in accordance with the law on political parties, the document must approve the regional offices.

In the current Constitution of the Communist party mention the supporters and on the official website of the party can fill in a questionnaire in order to be enrolled in their ranks. On the activities of local organizations of different levels said that they “attract party supporters, who shares and supports programmatic and statutory objectives of the Communist party” and can go along with party members in the Advisory councils under Executive bodies. However, the text of the Statute does not say, how is the status of the proponent (e.g., membership cards).

What the experts say

The President of communication holding “Minchenko consulting” Evgenie Minchenko comments for “Izvestia” expressed the opinion that the Institute of supporters will give the Communist party a tangible electoral gain.

— However, this will allow for a more comfortable feel to the business, which finances the party and extends from it, — said Minchenko. In recent years, a significant number of those who were nominated from the Communist party, was not involved in it. The Institute of supporters will allow you to install a bunch of party in such cases.

The political analyst Dmitry Gusev believes that the emergence of the Charter of the Communist party rules about supporters is a sign that the young officials coming to replace the “old guard”, and gradually build their working methods with the electorate.

To be a Communist to join the party for young people strange, because in a society with a high level of distrust of parties in General. In addition, many older relatives tell the younger generation that the Soviet Union under the Communists was the queue was not jeans and other things important to young — said, “Izvestia” technologist. But if the party refuses to brand “Communist”, it will lose the election -. The Institute of supporters will enable us to attract new supporters without losing.

Like the others?

For comparison: in the “United Russia” (EP) Institute supporters introduced in 2003, the mention of it is found in the Statute. In particular, it expressly States that the supporters of the party can be officials appointed to positions incompatible with party membership, and therefore forced to suspend it (paragraph 4.6.2). The EP, according to the developed in the party position, undertake to submit to party discipline if they elected the deputies of all levels.

The Charter of the liberal democratic party (paragraph 4.8) indicates that supporters can be nominated by the party for elected office in this case have the right to support.

In “Fair Russia” since the formation of the party (2007) was formed by the Union supporters just Russia (USSR), but in the Charter it is not mentioned.