The congressmen were interested in sexual violence in sports

The congressmen were interested in sexual violence in sports


Конгрессмены заинтересовались сексуальным насилием в большом спорте

Sports officials EN masse resign

The Committee on energy and Commerce of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress reported that it was investigating the problem of sexual violence and harassment in sport.

This decision was taken after the former coach of team USA in gymnastics Larry Nassar was sentenced to a lengthy term in prison for dozens of sex crimes, the victims were athletes.

The Committee intends to answer the following questions: why Nassar was able with impunity to commit crimes for such a long time and why the complaints of his victims were not given.

Federation USA gymnastics announced that the Board of Directors in full will retire after receipt of the request of the Olympic Committee of the USA. Olympic Committee also demanded that the Federation has carried out structural reforms, to ensure the safety of athletes.

A series of resignations also took place at the University of Michigan, which worked for a long time Larry Nassar.