The consequences of “Harvey” in Texas: explosions at a chemical plant

The consequences of “Harvey” in Texas: explosions at a chemical plant


Последствия «Харви» в Техасе: взрывы на химзаводе

Vice-President Pens – on the way to the state, fighting the flood

Vice-President Mike Pence Thursday visits Texas, the victim of the storm “Harvey”. Penny wrote on Twitter that the President trump sent him to Texas to convey to the people the following message: “We will be with you every day, to rebuild and to recover the damage”.

The Mike Pence said that the recovery process will be long and all needs to make its own contribution.

“When this week Congress returned from recess, the President will call on lawmakers… to take immediate measures to allocate additional funding to assist families and businesses affected by this storm,” said the Vice President.

The trump visited Texas on Tuesday and plans to re-do it on Saturday.

On Thursday received an order to evacuate the residents of the city of Crosby, East of Houston, where the flood has failed cooling system of a chemical plant Arkema Inc. necessary to prevent the diversion of certain chemicals. On Thursday morning, it was reported that at plant there were two explosions, then the building began to rise the black smoke.

Последствия «Харви» в Техасе: взрывы на химзаводе

Fire Department Harris County confirmed that the plant was a “series of chemical reactions”. According to local police, 10 Deputy Sheriff was exposed to smoke, presumably from the “non-toxic substances irritant action,” and was sent to the hospital.

The storm damage is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. Texas authorities confirmed that the storm killed more than 30 people. Also Wednesday, local authorities reported that the state destroyed 1,000 houses, and about 50 000 corrupt.

On Wednesday, President trump thanked the employees of emergency services, describing them as heroes whose “courage and devotion to his cause saved countless lives.”

“In such difficult times, we see the true character of the American people, trump said. The strength, love and determination. We see how people help their friends, neighbors and even strangers”.

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