The court drew Poltavchenko to the hearing on the transfer of Isaac...

The court drew Poltavchenko to the hearing on the transfer of Isaac ROC


Georgy Poltavchenko

Photo: Anton Vaganov / TASS

The court decided to involve the legality of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church as a stakeholder Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. In addition it will attract the Ministry of culture, the Russian Orthodox Church and the state Museum St Isaac’s Cathedral

Smolninskiy district court decided to bring in an interested party in the claim on transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the use of the ROC of the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, reports from a hall of court the correspondent of TASS.

In addition, as stakeholders to the process will involve the Ministry of culture, the Russian Orthodox Church, the State Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral”.

“The court considers it appropriate to grant the application administrative claimant, in connection with the meeting will be postponed,” said the judge Tatiana Matusiak, announcing the decision.

“Poltavchenko was brought on the initiative of the court itself. We were asked to draw the ROC Museum (State Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral”. — RBC), Committee for culture of Saint-Petersburg and Ministry of culture, all the petitions were satisfied, than we are happy”, — told RBC member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky. He is one of the initiators of the lawsuit to the authorities of St. Petersburg against the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church.

The head of the information Department of St. Petersburg Andrei Kibito told RBC that represent the Governor during sessions of the court are members of the legal Committee of the government.

“The city government, represented by the Governor quite often is involved as the person concerned to the trial. To be familiar with the case, the legal Committee, the attorney involved in the sessions courts in all matters affecting government”, — said the interlocutor of RBC.

A lawsuit against the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church in the royalty-free perpetual use, was filed March 3. Among the plaintiffs was made by the lawyer Sergei Bakeshin and the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky.

According to the applicants, the Committee of property relations (CRO) of Saint-Petersburg violated the rights of citizens to cultural appreciation, as “the Museum “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” ceases to exist”. The plaintiffs also drew attention to the fact that ROC has not issued a request for the transfer of property for religious purposes.

During the court session March 13, a spokeswoman for the KIO said that the signed in December of 2016, the disposal of the project on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church does not mean that the Cathedral will be handed over to the Church, said “Fontanka”. According to her, the order should be considered as a plan of action.

The next court hearing will be held on April 17, said TASS.

The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, on 30 January announced the intention of the city to St. Isaac’s Cathedral transfer to the gratuitous use of the Russian Orthodox Church for 49 years. The Governor said that he agreed with Patriarch Kirill that the Council “will maintain a Museum and educational function”. In connection with this statement in Saint Petersburg hosted protests against the transfer of the Cathedral Church objected to the figures of culture and representatives of the opposition.

Later a Federal official and a source close to the Kremlin, told RBC that the decision to transfer the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church authorities of St.-Petersburg has not agreed with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The interlocutor of RBC, close to the Kremlin, said that the situation around St. Isaac’s Cathedral is discussed in the presidential administration. According to him, the Kremlin found itself in a difficult position: to refuse of the Russian Orthodox Church in the transmission of the Cathedral would be wrong, but the problem associated with the dissatisfaction of residents and cultural workers, need to be addressed.

On February 28 the municipal electoral Committee of St.-Petersburg has accepted the application for the holding of a referendum on the fate of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Cathedral and Church of the Savior on spilled Blood. The municipal electoral Committee may consider the application to 15 days, after which it will forward for review to the legislative Assembly. After that, the residents of St. Petersburg during the month will have to raise about 80 thousand signatures for holding a vote.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral became a Museum in 1928 and in 1990 it restored the Orthodox divine services are now held daily. In 2012 he became the property of Saint-Petersburg by decree of the Russian government.

In 2016, according to the Museum, was held in the Cathedral service was attended by about 18 thousand people. During this same time, the Museum St. Isaac’s Cathedral was visited by about 3.9 million tourists, according to TASS.