The court rejected the claim of the Russians because of the “Dossier...

The court rejected the claim of the Russians because of the “Dossier trump”


Суд отклонил иск россиянина из-за «Досье Трампа»

Businessman Aleksei Gubarev, demanded to refute the information about involvement of Russian special services

A Federal court in Florida rejected the claim of the Russian businessman, the owner of the company XBT Holding S. A. Alexei Gubarev to the online publication BuzzFeed.

In his statement, the Russians demanded to refute the information contained in the publications on the so-called “Dossier trump” from which “his personal and professional reputation was in tatters”, to pay compensation in the amount of 15 thousand dollars and to disclose the sources.

In a series of publications that appeared in January 2017 and is based on the materials collected by the former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, argued that the Russian authorities have dirt on Donald trump. In documents appeared and the name of Alexei Gubarev, it was alleged that he was recruited by the Russian special services, and the company headed by him took an active part in carrying out cyber-attacks during the presidential campaign of 2016 in the United States.

Judge John O’sullivan rejected claims of lawyers of the Russian businessman, referring to the law that protects the right of journalists not to disclose their sources of information.

In turn, the businessman’s attorney Val Gurvits told Politico that his client was going to refuse the claim because “you have agreed to receive information”, which was requested in court.