The CPD is making efforts to neutralize an “active shooter”

The CPD is making efforts to neutralize an “active shooter”


Полиция Чарльстона предпринимает усилия по нейтрализации «активного стрелка»

Unknown with a loaded gun burst into a restaurant in the city centre

In downtown Charleston, South Carolina, the police made efforts to neutralize an “active shooter”, according to local press, referring to words a press-the Secretary of the city police, Charles Francis. It is specified that “the situation with an active shooter” takes place between Calhoun and Morris.

The owner of a nearby boutique, said that the law enforcement activity is concentrated around one of the restaurants in the heart of the city.

According to witnesses cited by a local paper, in the kitchen of the restaurant a man walked in with a loaded revolver, said: “Now the city has new owner”. Eyewitnesses add that the shooter was a very ordinary appearance, but “his eyes were insane.”

Information about the situation in Charleston continues to flow.