The Cyprus company filed a lawsuit against Manafort

The Cyprus company filed a lawsuit against Manafort


Кипрская компания подала в суд на Манафорта

The former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump accused of financial fraud

The floor of Manufactu, once head of the election headquarters of Donald trump –threatens new legal problems. On Wednesday it became known that the company Surf Horizon Limited, registered in Cyprus, has filed a lawsuit against Manafort and his business partner, Richard gates, accusing them of financial fraud by embezzlement of millions of dollars.

Firm Surf Horizon Limited filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the state of new York. In the lawsuit indicated a loss of 18.9 million dollars, invested by the firm in the telecommunications network in Ukraine, known under the common name Black Sea Cable.

Earlier charges against Manafort and gates have put forward spectacular Robert Mueller, who accused both businessmen in that they did not register as foreign agents, although they were supposed to do this, conspiracy to commit money laundering and the conspiracy to mislead the U.S. government.