The decision on Syria has not been made yet

The decision on Syria has not been made yet


Решение по Сирии пока не принято

According to the press Secretary of the White house considers “all options”

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders, speaking Wednesday at a press briefing, said that Washington considers “all options” for possible actions against Syria, and the final decision is still pending. However, Sanders stressed that the US President puts the responsibility for the attack using chemical weapons on the Syrian authorities and Russia.

In light of the earlier messages in the presidential tweet, in which trump has criticized Russia for ties with the Assad regime and advised to prepare for missile attack, the press Secretary was asked whether the President perceives the US, Russia as the enemy.

“Russia should decide what role it wants to play,” said Sanders. – “Russia has proved that it is partly responsible for what happened in Syria. It guaranteed that Syria will no longer use chemical weapons, but has not fulfilled that promise. She also expressed support for Syria, vetoed six separate United Nations resolutions, which played into the hands of Assad. So Russia certainly bears part of the responsibility for what is happening and their actions prove that this process goes non-constructive”.

Sanders also confirmed that the United States maintain a permanent contact on different levels with regional allies and partners, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain and several other countries.