The decline of the era of remakes

The decline of the era of remakes


Director Andrey Shalopa — the revival of the national cinema

Photo: from the personal archive of Andrey Salope

It is best to buy the ticket a few hours before the session, then spent the whole day in the lovely feeling. And when the audience began to slowly fade a light heart was beating so hard that it seemed to hear the whole series. It is not only that I was a child. It was the ‘ 70s Era, when the Soviet cinema has gained the real power of the disciples of the great masters.

Soviet cinema was born in the 20s. Yes, not only Soviet, General cinema. And although it is a time of silent cinema, the Foundation of the school was laid just then. 30. the First Soviet kinohudozhnika — talented, inspired by Communist ideas people. Their paintings are filled with bright anticipations of the future. The 40 e — idea victory, the ’50s and’ 60s, the idea of the new life of a great country. And, of course, it was not only the evolution of ideas. It was a real development of the new art. And, more importantly, the development of the industry. Grow Studio, new cinemas. And, most importantly, all the time — year after year — there are new Directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, actors. And they do not appear by themselves — this shift serves these masters. Those who shot their first films in the 20s.

So, as I see it, the 70s and 80s — the time of the harvest. It Ryazanov, Bondarchuk, Danelia, Menchov, MITT, Bulls, Tarkovsky, Panfilov, Herman, Mikhalkov and many others. Operators Kuznetsov, Lebeshev, Yusov. And about the actors of that time is generally better to write separately. By the way, these actors were the real stars. That is a guarantor of works of the highest quality. It seems to me that the era of the 70s and 80s — the real heyday of cinema, and not only Soviet. At this time the best, most daring and talented reached maturity around the world. On the screens of Soviet cinema could also be seen in the films of Fellini, Godard, Cavani, Lelouch and if you want even George Lucas.

And then came the 90s We were told that all of our previous life was wrong. And if we continue in the same spirit, we will not see a light, a beautiful life, as in the French comedies. In the 90s selflessly destroyed everything that was created almost three generations. And here’s to the new Millennium we are left with nothing. The industry was left a Smoking ruin. Studio on the brink of death, cinemas are being demolished or at best rekonstruiruet in restaurants and casinos, and about the school of cinema you can forget. Good movies are still shot even then, but few and they have been difficult to show someone. And due to the fact that the movie still retains a magical aura, barely nascent producers of the 90s to get money from romantic investors, and then evaporated, having, however, is to cut hundreds of films that probably nobody will ever see. Normal this restructuring. The forest was cut down, the stumps burned, the land plowed.

Then, already at zero, there are cinemas, these exhibitors, and came to market in large American studios. And began the painful emergence of a new industry. And now we are in this wonderful but unstable state. It’s beautiful, and unbearable youth.

We have lived a Year of Russian cinema. He brought us new movies, but his real results we will see in the next two years. And maybe this effect will stretch into the next decade. Because now comes a time of awareness.

We begin to realize that Hollywood cinema pleases us, not as it pleases Americans. That attempts to imitate Hollywood aesthetics does not guarantee our films success at Home, and abroad even more so. Audiences coming to the movies to eat popcorn, can’t recoup large budgets, because these viewers are few, and those much just stopped going to the movies. It seems that gradually it becomes apparent that national cinema cannot be the product of a wild market and needs not only public funding but also in ideology.

I understand the growing power of Russian producers dream of a world hire, but I think if the interest in our movie and begin to grow, it will happen likely to not soon and not because we have mastered some advanced technologies. Yet, thank God, the Russian cinema is interesting only Russian. And this is a great chance! We will (or simply survive) to find its audience, will attempt to return it to the cinema and in this search will create a new national cinema. In any case, we have the opportunity, and, I think, is to set a goal. But this movie, original and independent that carries the charge of the national mentality and has its own cinematic language, will certainly be interesting around the world.

May it help the state? Of course, it can. And I must say, lately it’s hard helping us. This year have emerged in the regions 150 new cinemas, and in the coming years their number will grow rapidly. All the time develops and implements the system of financing the production and distribution of new films. But the state alone with this task can not cope. It will not be able to be inspired by the author. Will not be able to write scripts and direct plays. The task of the state to do so in the film industry who can not to make a movie. And will have to remove ourselves. And this will inevitably happen. A bit of stability, and we will grow new roots. Then another generation — and innovators will gain maturity. And then the era of remakes and sequels will be replaced by a new Renaissance. I think the wait is long.

The author — actor, writer, producer and Director of the film “28 Panfilov”

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