The defense Ministry has asked Putin to resume strikes on Aleppo

The defense Ministry has asked Putin to resume strikes on Aleppo


Armored rebels in the West of Aleppo, on October 28, 2016

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The insurgents resumed their offensive in Aleppo, which for three days killed 43 civilians. In this regard, the Ministry of defense appealed to Putin with a request for the first time since October 18 to resume airstrikes on the city

The defense Ministry appealed to the Russian President with a request to renew air strikes, this is stated in the message of the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Rudskoy, received by RBC. This is due to the fact that the city “does not stop the deaths of civilians”, militants “resumed active hostilities against government troops.”

In particular, on Friday, October 28, “groups of militants, taking advantage of the moratorium on the use of Russian and Syrian aircraft in Aleppo, attempted to breakthrough to the Eastern part of the city,” said the Ministry of defence. In total, over “the last three days, 62 terrorists twice opened fire from mortars and installations of the so-called “hell-fire” areas in the Western part of the city. The shelling killed 43 and wounded 96 civilians”, — said Sergey rudskoy.

The defense Ministry said that the aircraft of Russian air force and Syrian air force for ten days does not fly in the ten-kilometer zone around Aleppo, but the situation around the city “remains difficult”.

On the morning of 18 October, the Minister of defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu announced the cease-fire mode. He explained that this measure is necessary in order to guarantee safety for the civilians and prepare for evacuation of sick and wounded from the Eastern part of Aleppo, as well as to specially open to the corridors, the city could leave and the militants.

Based in Aleppo , the rebels said about his refusal to leave the city. “Groups completely reject any output, it would mean surrender,” said Reuters Commissioner based in Aleppo group “Fastack” Zakaria Malachite.

The day “humanitarian pause” of the Ministry of defense of Russia broadcast on webcam of what is happening in the two main humanitarian corridors in real-time. The same day Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the defense Ministry to extend the “humanitarian pause” for another day. Later, on 25 October, Russia stated that it will extend a moratorium on strikes by Russian and Syrian aircraft in Aleppo.

On the night of October 27, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported the bombing of the school the Syrian province of Idlib, which killed 22 children and six teachers. The statement of the Fund, there was no indication that the aircraft of which country struck at school.

Foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault and the official representative of administration of U.S. President Josh earnest blamed the incident on a government army or Syria, or Russia. “Even if it did the Assad regime, it must be said that its aircraft can cause such attacks only because the Syrian government supports the Russian government”, — said the representative of the White house.

Agency spokesman Igor Konashenkov called recent media of video effects abudara “gluing more than ten completed segments shot in different resolutions at different times of the day.” The defense Ministry also said that none of the aircraft HQs did not go to the area where the school is located.

The evening of the same day, UNICEF announced about the shelling of two schools in Syria: one was in the area of the city Duma, and the other in the Western part of Aleppo. In a statement, the Fund did not specify who attacked the institutions.

On the evening of 28 October, the Russian defense Ministry said the shelling of aircraft U.S. air force schools in and around Iraqi city of Mosul. “In 3 hours 35 minutes 24 October, the aircraft of the tactical aviation of the US air force launched a missile and bomb strike on the school building in the village of tel Kaif 14 km North of Mosul. As a result of the strike were killed or wounded”, — reads the statement of the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff Sergey Rudskoy, received by RBC.