The defense Ministry spoke out against “Translam” as a priority buyer

The defense Ministry spoke out against “Translam” as a priority buyer


Photo: Ruslan shamukov / TASS

The head of the armored Directorate of the Ministry of defense Serhiy Bibik opposed to without bidding to sell military scrap metal close to the Russian Railways company “Translom”. Major General questioned its production capacity

The company “Translom” should not become a priority buyer of the scrap of the Ministry of defense, as it does not cope with the removal of already acquired military scrap, indicated in his letter of 5 April, acting chief of the Main armored Directorate of the defense Ministry major-General Serhiy Bibik. The document was sent to the Director of Department of property relations of the defense Ministry Dmitry Kurakin. A copy of the letter available to RBC, the document’s authenticity confirmed by two sources RBC, close to the defense Department.

A letter from the head of the Department of defense were drawn up in response to the Commission to consider the draft presidential decree, which, as previously wrote RBC, provides the Ministry of defence the right to realize scrap-collecting company “Translom” ferrous and non-ferrous metals, formed from the disposal of military equipment, at market value without an auction. Now the project is at the stage of public hearings. Now the military scrap sale at auction of the Russian auction house, acting on behalf of the Ministry of defense.

Arguing, Bibik writes that the company “Translom” was not able within a month to begin the removal of purchased military scrap from the territory of JSC “560 BTRZ” (armored plant). At the time of writing of the letter was removed about 130 tons of scrap metal from 1425 tonnes, which casts doubt on the production possibilities of the company “Translom”, emphasizes the General.

“Translom” performs all obligations to the defense Ministry, told RBC General Director of this company Sergey Astakhov. But the question, is it true that delayed the export of scrap from the site of JSC “560 BTRZ,” he said, “there are Different situations… “We won quite a lot of lots, I don’t want to comment one lot. Nothing more to comment on I will not!”

Last year, the defense rescued thanks to the implementation of military scrap more than 2 billion rubles, told RBC Dmitry Kurakin.

In 2017, the defense Ministry plans to get rid of 230 thousand tons of scrap metal (the proportion of ferrous and nonferrous metals in the party is unknown), it follows from the explanatory note to the draft decree of the President. Considering the average price in 2016 on the market of ferrous scrap at 9.5 thousand rubles per ton, the contract only in the first year can bring “Translaw” 2.2 billion worth of sales. Assuming the price of ferrous scrap in March (12 thousand rubles per ton), “Translom” can get 2.8 billion rubles.

What “Translom”

The former structure of the RZD JSC “Translom” since October of last year belongs to Alexey Zolotarev, partner assistant to the President Igor Levitin, former Minister of transport. The company’s revenue for 2015, according to SPARK-Interfax, amounted to 13.5 billion rubles, the Source of RBC in the scrap collection industry noted that “Translom” continues to win all the tenders of the Railways for disposal of decommissioned cars. Despite the fact that the company has changed the owner, it de facto continues to be close to the Railways, said the interlocutor of RBC in the market.

Sources of “Kommersant” bind “Translom” with the interests of the family of Rotenberg. Arkady Rotenberg belongs to “Pipe metal”, and his son Igor — 50% of NSK, OOO, specializing in the production of precious and nonferrous metals and processing of scrap of all kinds. The “Translom” and “Kronos” — the loggers scrap the Railways, where Igor Rotenberg in 2004 and 2005 he was Vice-President and head of the asset management Department, argues “Kommersant”.

CEO “Translam” Sergey Astakhov connected with Rothenberg denies: he told RBC that the owner of 100% of a Zolotarev. A representative of Rotenberg also denied the connection “Translam” with their structures, adding that the said NSK, OOO has no relation to scrap collection.