The demand for taxis during the new year holidays rose amid cold...

The demand for taxis during the new year holidays rose amid cold weather and the crisis


Photo: Andrei Makhonin/TASS

The demand for taxi services in Moscow in the past new year’s eve was higher than in 2016. Representatives of taxi services is associated with anomalous cold, and with the financial crisis

As reported by RBC representative of “Yandex.Taxi” Elina Stavisky, from 6 to 8 January the number of taxi trips was approximately 30% higher than in the previous holidays. As always at the weekend, the peak of orders in the second half of the day. Most call taxis for the day in the service of “Yandex” fell on January 7 and the absolute peak of orders recorded January 1 at 2:00. Less total orders in “Yandex.Taxi” was January 2 at 6:00 on the same day and had the minimum number of calls.

Usually during the holidays the demand of taxi services is falling, as some residents leave the capital. However, as told RBC Director of “Formula Taxi” (this fleet is a partner of “Yandex”) Bogdan Konoshenko, this year the decline in the use of mobile services to call a taxi was lower than usual. If in past years, the decline in demand from 2 to 10 January was at the level of 25%, this is about 15%, said Konoshenko. He associates it not only with severe frosts in the last days of holidays, but because of the financial crisis, many residents did not leave the capital.

The Uber representative in Russia Evgenia Shipova also notes that in the holidays the demand for travel was the highest in the first week of 2017. The company acknowledge that the severe cold played a role.

In turn, the representative a press-services of the sue “Mosgortrans” said the urban land passenger transport difficulties due to the winter frosts were not. He noted that the temperature in the interior surface transport is regulated by GOST R 50993-96. The temperature in the passenger compartment in the area of the waist should be at least +15°C. the Driver should turn on the heating when the ambient temperature is +5°C and below. “But be aware that temperature fluctuations in the cabin inevitable. During the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, the bus doors opened, whereby the loss of heat to the air,” — said the representative of “Mosgortrans”.