The Democrats start investigating the “malicious influence” of Russia in the world

The Democrats start investigating the “malicious influence” of Russia in the world


Демократы начинают расследование «вредоносного влияния» России в мире

Lawmakers argue that revealed Russia’s efforts to influence elections in other countries, not including USA

Democrats from the Senate Committee on foreign relations their own, without the participation of Republicans, the investigation of “malicious influence of Russia in the world”, said the press-Secretary of the legislature.

Sean Bartlett, a spokesman for Senator Ben Cardin, who is leading this work, said that Democrats are preparing a “large report” on how Russia is trying to sow distrust and confusion, to support radical voices on controversial issues and to leverage while weakening support for democracy and institutions.

A new investigation is included in the series of trials of a number of institutions that are trying to establish whether Russia intervened in the election in the United States in 2016, and whether there has been collusion between the election headquarters of the President of Donald trump and Moscow.

Such investigation led the Republican-led congressional committees, including the committees of the Senate and house of representatives on intelligence, and special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Trump denies all allegations of collusion, as well as Moscow denies intervention in the elections.

Although the Democrats of the Committee on international relations do not do elections in the United States, they claim to have identified Russian-led efforts to influence elections in many other countries.

“The report describes how these efforts are headed by government intelligence agencies and supported by state enterprises, linked with the Kremlin by Russian oligarchs and criminal groups that have been virtually nationalized by the state”, – said in a statement Bartlett sent via e-mail.

The investigation Committee included contacts with the governments of other countries. Among the countries, discussing the intervention of Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Republican Committee members say they knew about the investigation, but did not participate in it.

“We know that Senator Cardin is a report on the attempts of Russia to interfere in elections in Europe, but his staff have not yet shared it with us,” said Mick Johnson, representative of Senator Bob Corker, who heads the Committee.

It is unclear when the report might be published.