The Director of “Fashionable continent” complained of threats from the Fund UCP

The Director of “Fashionable continent” complained of threats from the Fund UCP


The General Director of OJSC Fashion continent (Incity clothing retailers and lingerie Deseo) Alexander Popov, 2012

Photo: Mitya Aleshkovskiy/TASS

The General Director of “Fashionable continent” (networks Incity and Deseo) Alexander Popov, who led the company for almost eight years, leaves her. The Manager claims that he threatened one of the company’s shareholders of the Fund UCP Ilya Sherbovich. The owner of the company says that the priests have been ineffective Manager

The General Director of OJSC Fashion continent (Incity clothing retailers and lingerie Deseo) Alexander Popov will not renew the employment contract after completion of 15 November 2016. This is stated in his letter of 20 October, which he sent to members of the Board of Directors (have RBC). The authenticity of the letter confirmed that Popov himself and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company — Sergey Lobastov in whose name it was sent.

Whether Gruzdev

The reason for his departure from the company of the priests called on him on October 19, during the regular meeting of the Board of Directors, “a confidential conversation” with Alexander Koval is a member of the Board and the Executive Director of the Fund UCP Partners (which owns the accounting period by 25.97% stake of the retailer). As Popov says, in the letter, Smith threatened “problems” if the top Manager does not give answers “a certain way” at the upcoming at the end of October the session of Arbitration court of the Voronezh region, where he was called as a witness. That’s what Smith was asked to speak at a meeting of priests in the letter to RBC and also refused to disclose.

In a letter to the priests meant a lawsuit between the structure of the Fund UCP, which is a co-owner Ilya Sherbovich — Cypriot “United capital partners the Select assets limited” and registered in the Seychelles Sisal Artis Holdings Inc, the beneficiaries of which were not disclosed. As follows from the materials of the court, Sisal in January 2016, had planned to purchase the structures Sherbovich 10% “Fashionable continent” and entered into an option agreement. The premium for this agreement amounted to $150 thousand, and the retailer Sisal was estimated at a record $385,1 million an Important condition for the buyer was the accuracy of the data about the ownership structure: 50% of the company belonged to Nellie Gruzdevaya — mother of the former Governor of Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev, the accounting period by 25.97% Fund UCP, the rest from minority shareholders. But, according to now in the court of Sisal, the seller has mislead her — controlling shareholder since the Foundation is Vladimir Gruzdev.

Gruzdev was one of the founders of the company back in 2003 and in 2007, becoming a Deputy of the state Duma, “he had a reason to conceal their involvement in the management of the company,” says Sisal in its lawsuit. “He transferred his share in the company on the mother” that is only “a formal member of the company,” says the plaintiff. In addition, the members of the Board of Directors of the company — Koval Victoria Lazareva (managing Director of UCP) — and at themselves told the court that “Gruzdev personally takes part in the management of the company”, according to the materials of the case.

In 2016 the share of Nelly Gruzdevaya grew the company to almost 65% due to the shares of the minority shareholders. In addition, in September the shareholders of “Fashionable continent” has entered the ex-owner of Sobinbank and Russian mortgage Bank and co-founder of coffee houses “Coffeemania” Sergey Kirilenko — he’s got about a 5% stake in the company.

Sergei Lobastov and Alexander Popov refused to comment on the dispute between the UCP and Sisal. The trial is a “commercial dispute regarding the recovery of the paid option premium and nothing more,” says Irina Lanina, managing Director of UCP, and forsaking all others reviews about the judicial process.

Expected dismissal

As stated by RBC Sergei Lobastov “Fashionable continent” will “react in the framework of existing legislation” to the letter of the General Director. Even if the contract is proposed to extend (it will expire November 15) Alexander Popov says that due to arrived in its address of threats it will refuse to continue work.

“The company was prepared for the fact that it may not extend the contract, — says Sergey Lobastov. — The probability of this, in particular, was discussed by the Board of Directors. A new candidate will be proposed, most likely, of the current employees of the company.”

“Application of Popov are slander,” said RBC Irina Lanina. According to her, Smith had already written an official response to Popov (RBC), in which it requires him to apologize for spreading “false information” and to refute them until 25 October 2016. Otherwise, followed by an appeal to law enforcement bodies with the statement for excitation of criminal case under article 128, part 1 of the criminal code (slander) and the filing in court of the claim about protection of honor and dignity, the letter says. A farrier can apply a similar claim not only to Popov, but also to the retailer.

Alexander Popov headed “Fashionable continent” in “two passes”, from 2007 to 2015 and returned to the CEO post in April 2016. As the company commented on his return, during the leadership of “Fashionable continent” Alexander Popov managed with minimal losses to go through the economic crisis of 2008, and subsequently to demonstrate fold increase in key financial indicators. According to the results of 2006 the revenues of the network was 600 million rubles, in 2015 — RUB 7.6 billion. currently, the network comprises 450 24 points against his own (and another 47 franchised) in 2007. But, as stated by RBC Irina Lanina, the priests lost control “Fashionable continent” during the crisis, and “trying to find a reason to leave the company, shifting the blame from a sick head on healthy”.