The discontinuation of the legendary gadget for gesture recognition Kinect

The discontinuation of the legendary gadget for gesture recognition Kinect


The Death Of Kinect

Microsoft ceased production of game controller Kinect, what publishing Co.Design the Creator of Kinect , Alex Kipman (Alex License) and General marketing Manager for Xbox Lapsen Matthew (Matthew Lapsen). Since the launch in 2010, Microsoft has sold about 35 million units. In 2011, the Kinect got into the Guinness Book of records as the fastest selling gadget. Now, once retailers sell out their remaining stocks, the Kinect will disappear from the market because of new supply will not. However, the company does not intend to discontinue support of the device for users. The situation with development tools is unclear, says Co.Design.

The publication notes that Microsoft some time ago was awaited with Kinect on the more traditional gaming technology to be more competitive in competition with the PS4. However, the Kinect will live on in the helmet augmented reality Hololens, which was also developed by Cimmanon. Team members who worked on Kinect, are now engaged in the development of key Microsoft technologies such as Cortana, facial recognition Windows Hello and smart interface of the future, which will be able to understand their environment.

What is Kinect

Kinect, also known as Project Natal, was originally created for the Xbox 360. Version for PC Windows appeared in 2012, version for Xbox One in 2013 consists of a Kinect depth sensors, video camera and microphone. Due to the infrared radiation controller are able to recognize the movement of the user’s body in the room. Microphone suppresses noise and allows to recognize voice commands. The purpose of creation of Kinect was to increase the popularity of the Xbox, allowing players to pass the game using gestures and voice. The campaign for the first Kinect and Microsoft spent about $500 million.

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