The draft budget will consider on November 18

The draft budget will consider on November 18


Dmitry Medvedev discussed the main financial document of the Duma faction “United Russia”

Photo: TASS/press service of the government of the Russian Federation/Dmitry Astakhov

The head of the government Dmitry Medvedev took part in the meeting of the Duma faction “United Russia”, which considered the draft Federal budget for the next three years. Discussion of the parameters of the main financial document of the country was conducted during the day, the meeting was divided into three thematic blocks: “Social policy”, “Development of real production and Financial-economic policy”. The head of the government had before it the proposals of the faction on the main directions of the budget activities in 2017-2019.

The participants of the meeting waited for the head of government not only in order to discuss the draft budget, but also to hear the opinion of the party leader on the situation surrounding the arrest of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev that night was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes. According to the head of the government, he discussed the incident yesterday on the phone with President Vladimir Putin.

Is a difficult event for the government and for the government. What happened is beyond my understanding. Yesterday I discussed this topic with the President. He has the same opinion. In the framework of that established by the current legislation, should be thoroughly investigated. From this, stories like this should be one conclusion: none of the representatives of the government, nor the Minister, nor Deputy, nor the Governor nor any other state employee has no immunity in corruption crimes. Everyone, including senior officials, can be prosecuted for such offenses, said party members Dmitry Medvedev.

The head of government stressed the inadmissibility of lobbying of individual agencies any of the bills.

— It is unacceptable when individual agencies are trying through specific members to push them to a convenient solution. Pay attention to what bills are introduced not by the departments and the government as a single authority and nothing else. Therefore, all amendments and deputies, and the government will prepare together, he said.

In continuation of this theme Dmitry Medvedev announced that he ordered to introduce in the government the mechanism of regular consultations with the leadership of the faction “United Russia”. They will be held at least twice a month to be “operational contact.”

Returning to the theme of the budget, the Prime Minister said that he should meet four requirements: the implementation of all social obligations; to stimulate new economic growth points; it needs to be balanced; to be based on a project approach. According to the head of the government in the preparation of the draft budget was chosen as a conservative scenario.

Laid price of $40 per barrel. Prices continue to fluctuate. This proves that we must build an economic model that will be resistant to any change in energy markets, — said Dmitry Medvedev.

The priority budget expenditures, the leader of “United Russia” took six directions. First, the implementation of all social obligations. Here the Prime Minister said the indexation of pensions and social payments, which next year returns to the usual scheme of indexing the actual level of inflation. Second, the fulfillment of the may decrees of the President and increase the salaries of state employees. Thirdly, optimization of the regions. The fourth direction of the head of government mentioned the creation of a comfortable business environment for entrepreneurs and investors. It was about the freezing of direct taxes on business, as was stated in the presidential address to the Federal Assembly. The fifth and sixth direction are the most promising sectors of the economy (automobile industry, agro, food processing and heavy industry) and the defense industry.

— I would like to say that I support the proposal of the faction on social issues. This told me the colleagues who participated in the discussion: a program for the development of sports, improvement of the urban environment in the courts, the development of material-technical base of the cultural construction of places of mass rest. In General I want to say that such initiatives have found support and understanding in government. This will continue, — said Dmitry Medvedev.

After the speech, Dmitry Medvedev faction, a decision was made approving the minutes of the meeting and the submission for first reading of the draft budget this coming Friday.

— Well, home? There is nothing to go to the regions, — said the head of the government, concluding the meeting.