The EU will create a database of the owners of Bitcoins in...

The EU will create a database of the owners of Bitcoins in the fight against crime


The anonymity of bitcoin, and difficulty with his control, the concern of many governments. No exception and MEPs who were concerned about the fact that using cryptocurrency is theoretically possible to Finance terrorism or to launder money. In order to take control of the complex crypto processes, members of the EU proposed to create a single registry of users of Bitcoin, expressing the view that this measure may partially solve the specified problem.

It is expected that the list will consist of people who have ever used the services of electronic exchanges, exchangers, mainil cryptocurrency or invest in it. In addition, it was proposed to introduce a strict framework of control for kryptomere. Exchanges, in their opinion, could alone where to report on suspicious money transfers.

For simplicity of control is proposed to enter for each purse universal identifier tied to a specific person — so bodies that have access to this database will be able to obtain timely information effectively fighting cybercrime..

In Russia, as in some other countries, the status of cryptocurrencies has not yet been determined. Work on this issue, President Vladimir Putin instructed to complete by the summer of 2018.

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